Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Catching the Bus- Goa

Suffering Succotash! As Lalitha said.

I am such a lazy bum. Lazy I tell you. Goa was a blast. So much fun. And I'm too comatose to write about it all. Or even upload pics on Facebook so that long suffering friends can see them.
Even now my fingers are dragging themselves across the keyboard in mild protest at the labour they're being put through.

Anyway since this post is supposed to be about Goa, I'll get on with it.

We almost missed the bus to Goa in the first place. Yeah.
Bus leaves at 7.30pm. We're stuck in traffic and its effing seven forty.
I'm convinced we've missed it and am hyperventilating.
Snum's trying to calm me down on the way to the bus station ("Ay those buses no... they're always half an hour late... minimum.")
Osho's already mildy motion sick (minus the throwing up).

We're coming up with Plan B's ("Okay okay... What we'll do is, we'll camp out at Osh's hostel for the next five days. Okay? We'll like, get fake tans, take some rigged photos, buy a coupla Goa T shirts and just say we went. That way our parents wont kill us, and we'll go on to lead the lives we were otherwise meant to. Okay? Fine? Cool.")

We get to Majestic. Late. I bound into the station with my luggage, almost breaking my arm in the process. Osh and Snum follow. I frantically sidestep sewage, asking people in Kannada where platform number 1A is. (I love being the competent one among us who knows the local language. Ha ha. Didnt like it a bit when it all that reversed in Goa where we'd to communicate in Hindi.)

They point somewhere, we look.
It's the platform farthest away from us. (Well, obviously.)
And there's a big AC bus just leaving from it.

"Thats the one Osh! Thats the bus!" I scream.
I feel a whoosh of air against me as Osho ROCKETS past, all motion sickness vanished, her strolley thundering after her. Snum gives me an amused look and sprints off after her. I totter forward at a slower pace. I figure they'll make the bus wait anyway.
I lose track of them. Couple minutes later, I spot them standing near the platform. Their expressions are unfathomable.
Was that a smile? Or a grimace?
Will the next five days be Galavanting in Goa or Hiding in Hostel?

Turns out they were just catching their breath. Too busy panting to look happy or relieved.
We hadnt missed it (Surprise! There's something you didnt expect) In fact, the bus hadnt even arrived at Majestic yet. Snum's bull turned out to be true. This time at least.
All that running around like headless chickens for nothing.

(NB: Yes, I do understand that technically, we didnt "almost miss the bus", but as mentioned earlier, I am currently too lazy a state to think of any other way to refer to it)