Saturday, December 20, 2008

Naarth Yeest

Im sorry.
It's just that college has started, and Im forced to sit through lectures where my teachers are saying things like "Find out does the five of them have understood." "How can we define PD as? What does it stand from?" and "Which arsepect of the ictivity do the indi-u-jials enjoys?", and all this is taking a toll on my pronunciation.

So we went to Pelling, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Mirrick, in that order. Mum, Dad, me, Dear IyengariAunty Number 3, Respective Uncle and the Cousin N.

It involved a lot of sitting in buses as we drove up the hills on winding roads, watching the beautiful scenery, which is all very nice the first twenty minutes, but gets Jesus Lord I have to tear my hair out of my head boring after that. No, it is breathtaking, and the first few hours I smiled to myself and thought, Ah, this is heaven, I could take a lifetime of this. But no, I couldnt. Dudes, I have realised one thing from this trip. I am a city girl. Staring at trees, and getting up at four to witness "the glory of the sunrise" are not things I am meant for. It was beautiful, and I did appreciate it. But I can only in small quantities. After that Im just gonna need a computer and a nice smelling tea shop with some fluffy cushions and good lighting.

There were these helpful little road signs along the way though, put there precisely for the benefit of bored travelers such as myself:
"This is not rally. Enjoy the valley."
"Life is short, dont make it shorter"
"If you sleep, family will weep."
Sikkhim was overall far better developed than West Bengal though. I really liked Pelling and Gangtok. (But this is probably because our hotels were good there.)
You know what? There is such a thing as nose cardys! Pliss read first that it was I who invented them.

Why am I wearing a dead purple animal around my neck, you ask?
And to that I say, it was cold.
From Gangtok we went to this lake that was 13,000 feet above sea level, and we had to wear these nose cardy things, it was so cold. Mmmm, they made us hot maggi in lovely bowls and it was soothing to the senses. I bought some of the bowls. They are soothing to my senses.

August 09: Ive decided to complete the post and put it up because there's this feeling of too many open drawers.
Ah yes nose cardys. Now of course we just call them N95 masks.
I loved Gangtok, it was beautiful, and if you ever want to escape your life, this is where you should definitely go. I met some darling people (including the kolandegals that N and I began to refer to as The Germans or merely, "samosa!" as they passed us). We saw some beautiful scenery, and altogether it was quite magical it seems, from the pictures- it's been so long I dont remember what it was really like. Oh and I sat on a yak, and we had a snow fight and all that. Not me and the yak, N and I. And here are some photos.

Me with afore mentioned darling people, with the snow, with N and beautiful beautiful sceneries. (I love Bend it Like Beckham)

Monday, December 8, 2008


NOOOOOOOOO!! How could this be happening!!

*calms down*

Yes so I've been little busy. And loads of updating is needed, but I have GRE coming up. Herhetjrhsba. (No, that is not a GRE word, thats just me choking.) So Im afraid this place is going to be dead a little longer.

I will however republish a few posts I'd written a long time ago on my old blog, here, under the dates I wrote them, purely for your reading entertainment! *acknowledges the cheering*

They're all Bits about Zz, here are the links.
Nose Cardys and Monsters
The Zz Code

And I will take this opportunity also to wish Jay a happy birday day, thus bringing the number of mediums I have wished him in to five hundred and eighty four. Happy Birday day Jay! See his blog.

And I will see you all in Jan. Or December end. Or before that if it catches my fancy.

Yours panickingly, (GRE word?)

A Jittery MM.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Exams are Ovah! :D

(Well, there's one more left, but it doesnt count. Last exams never count. )

So the exams have ended and now I can look back at them fondly and reminisce over the many inconsequential incidents that occurred during.

Like the time when I got Bestest to be my subject for the Abnormal psychology practical exam.

MM: Laa, be my subject noooooo?
La: *groans* But what'll I have to do and all?
MM: Nothing, I'll just be checking whether you have psychotic tendencies. Whether you might just strangle an unsuspecting passer by on the road. You know. That stuff. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??
La: I know I want to strangle you right now.

So she came and all. But I was ten minutes late for the exam and I hadnt studied. (What ok? I was with V and Meril and all of them and watching Cow's movie and I didnt want to leeeave. Would you? Tell me honestly)
So I was there a bit late and I was standing outside the parking lot mugging things out loud.

MM: La, listen to me, I'll just tell them out to you: Democratic values, Economic, Social, Aesthetic, Knowledge, Power, Hedonistic... gosh darn why are there so many of them... Family Prestige, Religious, Health values... there thats all of them, ok? Ok? Done. Good thats over. Next...
La: *rolls eyes, puts on pained smile, tries to stop self from puling hair out of head*

So I got to the main block and upstairs and I glimpse a few of my classmates in the first class, and Im like, Cool. Found my room that quickly. Score.
Go in take out stuff from bag.

But then psych teacher with name of flower accosts me.

Teacherwithnameofflower: Finised? *glares*
MM: Huh?
Teacherwithnameofflower: *glares some more* Finised teaching your subject everything?
MM: Say wha?
Teacherwithnameofflower: I SAW you. Outside the parking lot. I was passing there. I SAW you teaching her. Dont try to lie. I know how you people are. I SAW you.
MM: *losing it and getting snappy, I mean how much can a girl take?* Look, I wasnt teaching her, why would I be teaching her? I was studying for chrissake.
Teacherwithnameofflower: *Is taken aback at rudeness, but collects herself quickly* Then why are you late? You cant be late I say what is this. *continues to lecture for fifteen minutes*

I ignore her, wait till she's done. Then I collect my stuff from my bag, grumbling. And then I walk the entire length of the class room looking for my seat.

Which isnt there.

Because this isnt my exam hall.

Joel passes by and sees me, discreetly gestures to me through window and escorts me to my actual exam hall. I wave embarrassedly at everyone and leave. (Err... Toodles then!)

Other than that though, the exam was fantastic.

Also, like the time I started studying for Industrial Psych at 3am, and then while looking at the xeroxed notes Jay got for me which is all I have for the entire second half of the syllabus, I realise he's xeroxed every alternate page, so nothing makes any sense. So I call him frantically, but of course he's all cosy in bed.
MM: Dude, these notes dont make any sense dude. Half the frickin pages are missing.
Jay: Oh. Yes. Mine too.
MM: Say wha? Didnt you check when you were getting it done?
Jay: Yes, but the copy I xeroxed it from was also like this.
MM: Genius. So now what?
Jay: Im studying from this only. If you try and imagine the rest of the words.. it actually works!
MM: *rolls eyes, hangs up*

So morning I decide to go to the library and fish out the book it was xeroxed from and try and read it. But I see Monkey in the foodcourt, and he has all the notes so he tells me entire second half of the syllabus in forty five minutes. And I wrote the exam based on that. Didnt do half badly either.

Then there was when the munches and I decided to go have lunch after one grueling exam. There's this place called Fire Wok in Oasis food court. Mmm. We splurged and it was yum, and we planned and screamed and let off steam and it was nice. Mwa to the munches. Now I have to go meet them. Shar is going to do something nutty and I have to be there apparently.
What's that you say? Yes I do have an exam tomorrow... but its the last one dude. Doesnt count. Doesnt count.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh look, it's one of those posts where she talks about the exams and how much they're killing her...

Run, run for cover... Quickly, before you get sucked into the long drawn out journey that is this post, a downward spiral into complete and utter...

too late.

Hello there. Im notsovery happy at the moment.

Why, you ask incredulously with raised eyebrow?
It's the exams, my friend. They're here again.

Except this time, they are a lot worse.

you ask incredulously with raised eyebrow?
Because this time, I really dont care anymore how well I do. It's like Shar and I were talking about, there is JUST no motivation.

Look first of all, it's all just too bloody boring.
There are just so many other things we do in our course and outside of it that give us more of a sense of fulfillment than getting marks in these crazy exams do. And having to read all this garbage so boring in comparison.

It's like the Arousal Theory of Motivation, you know? It's not challenging enough for you to want to start. At least, the practical things were more challenging than this is.

So studying during the day? Fuh-ged about it.
I try to find my books at 11pm and open them. I try to read them. But EVERYFRICKINTHING ELSE is just so much more interesting.

Staring into space daydreaming: More interesting
Writing entire blogposts in my head: More interesting
Listening to songs Im already sick of: More interesting
Staring at ceiling fan for 45 minutes: More interesting
Even The Ellen Degeneres Show *closes eyes in resignation*: More interesting!

It's come to this.

Now this isnt to say that it wasnt all boring before. It was. Except then, I actually cared a twiddle about doing well.
Before, marks meant a lot to me (I am Iyengari, how could they not?). Before, I was all like Yay I topped second semester, yay! came second in third semester! (or something... who keeps track of these things anyway? I do.)
Before, I'd get a little panicked the day before and start studying at around 11pm. Because I'd want to do well. That made me.

Now I dont particularly want to do well anymore. I have stopped caring. And that particular point my children, is when you know that you have lost all hope.

So now what's happening is this: I manage to kick myself to start (because I am a scooter) by around 11pm. Then all the daydreaming and doing anything else I possibly can other than study happens until 3am. Then I finish everything between 3 and 4 am.
It is just not possible for me to do it any other way.

My sleep cycle's all haywire, so thats a lot of fun.

On an unrelated note, a pesky friend of mine who's come over tonight managed to post on my blog, what was meant to go on one of her own private blogs, and I have been spending the past half an hour scrambling around deleting it. On the bright side, it got me to write this post which is long over due... my blog has been dead for ages... so yay!

Also, I must again mention that several things that have happened have gone undocumented, so upcoming posts will mostly be me reliving the past.
Betchya looking forward to that arent you?
Ta then!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why Im fraands with my fraands and Other Nonsense

I realise I havent put up fraandship day post this year like I did last time. And since Im feeling particularly mushy, I thought I might write a little one. I must digress a little here to mention how I came across this comic strip called Pearls Before Swine, I think on this blog, but I cant find it now, and that you should read it, and the crocodiles are absolutely laugh-till-your-stomach-cramps hilarious, and I like to talk like them sometimes which is why the next sentence (yes this one will end) is written the way it is:

Whys I be lykin my friendses lot so very:

Snum. Or Shar as we must start calling her or reasons I'd rather not bring to attention, if you know why already, good for you (I guess) and also because this anonymous thing's getting old dude, almost everyone who reads this blog knows who I am anyway.
(I promise, the sentences will get shorter.)
So why Shar? Apart from all the cliche stuff that is obvious (we so get each other!, we have the exact same sense of humour!, she's such a *insert name of item of confectionery here*!), it's because she sends me things like these, every once in a way. :D

I need some Shartrex! :D

Why Oshmunch? Because she buys me beautiful earrings that are just perfect, out of the blue for no reason at all. Because she's one person who gets me and why Im feeling a certain way. And she's one person whom I can talk it out to and feel better almost immediately. Because there is no way in hell I could do without her. Because we're soul sistahs. ;) And whenever I see her I just smile unconsciously. Same with Shar. It's disgusting. Whenever I stay over and wake up in the morning to the insistent beeping of all three of our alarms, Im like smiling unconsciously, the second I get up and see them there. Dude, it's morning. Im as bad tempered as a spanish bull in a bull fighting ring in the mornings, and yet I smile like a gopher. Even in the auto as we make our way toward the hellhole. It's disgusting I tell you. :)

Why Bestest? Because during our loooong conversations, in the middle while we're laughing, she'll say something like: I dont know how someone could really know you and not like you, MM. :) And that will just make my day. Eh, that's just tip of the iceberg. Plus, she sends me letters. Letters, dude.

Why FnA? Because I can fall and be sure that she will catch me. There aint no one in the world who'll look out for me like she does. I can completely pour my heart out to her and vice versa in a way that I cant with anyone else. There's so much history there. Words cannot do it.

Why Archie? Because we meet, and centuries have passed, and it's the same.

Why PS? Because he says "anyhou" s'much. Because he's intelligent, sensible, and let's face it, really funny. (Too Much Mush Alert!) And because he sends me songs (that I dont listen to immediately, but) that get stuck in my head (months afterwards). Ah, and because of the DVDs. Blessed DVDs.

Why Taru? He's so random. I love it! :D He'll just send me a message bang in the middle of the day saying something like: And here's a personalised PJ for you. How much do you measure? Ans: 1MM
And I can message him with something as obscure as "Woof" when Im bored, and he'll message back with something so clever that it's sure to have me rolling on the floor.

Why Jay? Seriously, I have NO idea. Right now Im angry with him because he's shirked off all his assignments, (leaving us to do all the work) and is off enjoying himself on a beach.
Just kidding. Im not angry. Just miffed and bitter. I jest again.
Why Jay? Well, because he's a deer.
A deer capering on a beach where I shoulda been. *pouts*
No, I'll tell you why. It's because 1. he buys me soap, 2. he carries my books, 3. he isnt in charge of anything for the lit seminar.
:) And a host of other things.

Why Im feeling all mushy mushy. Its the hormones, dude. It's ccrrrrazeh out eeya.

Which reminds me of a funny incident that occured outside GRE class one balmy afternoon. Osh and I were conversing outside (more like crying in relief at the class being over) when this girl walks up to me. Quite a normal thing for a girl to do, you might say? Yes, unless you are walking up to me, and positioning yourself two and a half centimetres away from my face.
I was startled, by this strange behaviour, but intrigued to see what it was all about. Was she going to tell me she had a spatial disorder? Perhaps she was blind, the poor girl. Maybe, maybe the mafia was after her, and she was seeking sanctuary, but had to be discreet about the whole thing by whispering it into my nose.

Her next words took both me and Osh (who was giggling some distance away) by shock.

"Excuse me, is there any swimming pool eeya?"

"A swimming pool eeya?" I say unflinchingly. (Did she mean in my nose?)

"Ha, swimming pool eeya."

"Ha, well no, not that Im aware of."

"No aa?"

"No, aa, perhaps you can ask someone else."

"Ok thanks ya." She smiles at my nose, and positions herself a little farther away, before walking off with her friend.

I breathe again and Osh comes back from behind the tree where she has been quietly giggling to tell me that this sort of thing has happened to her before and she believes that these people are all from a different planet, perhaps several galaxies away.

At least swimming pool girl lifted our moods considerably. Now that we were aware that there were dafter people than us around (seriously, who takes GRE classes? Esp when they eat away your weekends so), we could carry on and be happy again, and laugh and frolic and skip ourselves away from the dastardly class. Tra la la.

Ooo I must share this picture with you that GS sent me. Hilarious.

Once you've laughed enough at the expression of the boy receiving the vaccine, take a look at his friends behind him. They're all laughing in obvious enjoyment. There's only one fella who looks somewhat concerned, but thats only because he's next in line. :D Quite brightened my day that did.

I cant believe I havent blogged about the exams AT all this time. So many funny things happened.

I had a tug of war with my paper (the invigilator gave in and let me finish drawing lines.) as Zz and Shar watched in amusement from the window. I know this teacher will give me more marks if my paper looks tidy, and since Ive written utter bullcrap, Im 'na NEED to draw all the lines I can.

They were pretty strict about cheating this time. We heard this one story about a dude who had a cold and brought a handkerchief. He blew vigourously into it and then one of our teachers (who's a dear, but says "Isnt it not" too often for my fancy) decided to investigate, and proceeded to examine very careful, the entire area of the kerchief for hidden cheats.

Shar has blogged about how every time a phone rang the invigilators suddenly became meer-cats. :D

So they all pretty much sucked, esp Literary Theory and Criticism, in which I am going to spectacularly fail with single digits. It's never happened before, so Im quite looking forward to it.

And I have to share this link A sent me. The guy who took a Polaroid a day.

This is useful if you want to know about RSS feeds in Plain English.

This song's stuck in my head. Not the way the Beatles sang it, (that happened a long while ago) but the way this girl's sung it in Across the Universe. I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Ending on a croc-y note:
Dees bloggy post it haves waaaay too many linkseys in it dood. ____________________________________________________________________

Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Ad it All Up/ A Summery II/ Thirty Days of Torture/ Internship at an ad agency

There are two kinds of posts: Those you cant for the LOVE OF GOD think up a title for, and those that you have too many for. This is one of the latter.

Let me just mention before I start this post, that one of the purposes of this blog is for me to have a record of all the things I've done. This is so that I can go over it all when Im 74, force my grandkids to read it at gunpoint, and lament weakly over how I didnt do it all better.
However, over these past few months, it has managed to most magnificently fail this very same purpose. As I have mentioned earlier, huge portions of the summer and the misery that was this June have gone completely undocumented.
So what will follow now, is an attempt to rectify this gross inadequacy, through the means of a few small and easy, albeit sporadic steps.

Beginning with the internship, which happened in April-May. It seems like a hundred years ago. Really.

Best parts:
The work. Frankly, I ended up with quite a big portfolio. Which will come in very useful, I daresay, should I choose to take up media in the future. However, since that looks highly unlikely at the moment, woo hoo.

Hark! Here is an example of the work I did:

They gave us a creative brief, telling us the details of the project. I came up with the idea, copy (that's ad lingo for "the words") and had to search for the image (Shutterstock, how I grew to dislike the sight of your webpage during these thirty days). The layout our Creative Director did. I did come up with several less cliche ideas, but this was the one they said "worked best". So okay. There you go.

Then there was the ad shoot mentioned earlier. (I'll never forget what an absolute doll Oshmunch was then). What the hell. I shall put up the pictures even though they embarrass the hell outta me.

Yes, so there was that.
Then there was the Other MM sitting two cubicles behind me. Thank god for our chats and conversation (which we interspersed with small amounts of work). Dunno how I'd have survived without her there. And Osh amusing me with her Circle incidents. I think I was exceedingly rude, poor chap. Bah, but if you have that thin a skin, I cant help you.

Coming up with ideas, I really liked. That was clearly what I was best at. (I was NOT adept at searching for images, which I'd to do a lot of, and found quite frankly, torturous.)
Ideas, I liked. In fact, I shall gloat a little and paste a little note the boss sent around. :)
(Give me a break, it was like the high point of my internship.)

A note from Shenoy
Dear all of you who gave it their best lines for the Infosys faces campaign,
finally six lines have been shortlisted for presentation to the client. And the only ones that made it to the final list are all three from Madhu, and three from me.

Good show Madhu!

And guys, think about why yours didn't make it through. Maybe you were either too busy/overloaded with regular work or just didn't think things through/persist with it enough. Or both.

yours truly,
The 'i-have-infosys-coming-out-of-
my-ears' face of TG Shenoy
*gloats a little more*

People were nice too, some of em. Liked Artsy and Wildlifebuff the best. Oh my god, Oshmunch and I came up with nick/codenames for all of them, to use in our conversations. :D I cannot remember any of them now. Oh wait, Pedophile! And Egg!

We communicated via gtalk, all of us. Osh and I have had a hundred chats at least in those thirty days. We were sitting what, 15 ft away from each other? :D
Osh: Im borrrrrred as hell... what u doing?
MM: Staring at screen. 11.45 we'll go off for lunch ok?
Osh: Godforsaken office.
MM: Egg alert! Egg Alert! Switch window!

The internship had its several thousand frustrating moments also. I remember coming here and reading the bit I'd written in the April Update... and wanting to literally throw up.
Some of my more mundane jobs included editing a Gormless-Lady-type Word Document to make it presentable to the public for an employee newsletter for this company.
Some of the more delectable excerpts from this word docu describing an office party (please read each word carefully):

Sweets were distributed to sweeten the day.

Finally, all too soon, it was time to leave but we look forward to this wonderful experience again, and you people don’t get envious because for that night we were surely the lucky one.

It damn near killed me. I cannot stand Gormless-Lady-Type English. Especially written Gormless-Lady-Type English. Aaaargh. Almost died that day.

To ad it all up, there was good, there was bad, there was ugly. And here are some pics of the workplace.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What the HAY???

I just found out that the MTV website has frickin "featured" my blog on it's "bloggers' belt"

What the? Nobody asked my permission! What the hell is going on? Dont they have to NOTIFY the bloggers at least before putting the darn thing up?

And what's all this about 106 views?? They havent showed up on my sitemeter. Whats the hay is happening here??

Tomorrow I call up HR of this MTV thing and talk to them about this. WHat the!!!

Here's the site

And there I am, number 5.

Arent they supposed to ask first? Or at least inform??
You cant just put up somene's site like that.

And bloody, MY site isnt getting any hits! They are! My blog opens under their website!! See that?? Look at the URL!!

How can they do that?!

*is very affronted*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Lil' Bitta Nonsense Poetry by MM :)

I wrote for College poetry competition Darpan 08. It won first. Yay! :)
Topic was "Save us from..." Sounds better if you read it aloud.
First verse is a bit iffy, but it gets better. :)
Here eet ees:

"Save us from controlling parents!
Bring on the anti depressants!"
Scream young adults from all around
It was for them, this story was found:

Once upon a moonlit rock
Giselle exclaimed with utter shock
“I haven’t seen quite half the world!”
Around her face her curls all twirled.
For Giselle she was a mermaid true
Her fins were of the greenest blue.
She dove and swam to seabed sands
Whilst dreaming of the upper lands.
Last birthday was her eighteenth year
She felt it’d all been such a blur-
Her life- with not an ounce of meaning
She felt like running, stamping, screaming.
Her heart it felt a longing so
To venture, scurry forth and go
Where none of her kind had gone before-
She’d be the first, the world to explore!
“The Little mermaid was all just fiction!”
She screamed out with convincing diction
The only one who heard her out
Was her pet Oyster Pearldipout.
“Why Pearlipoo? Why am I stuck here?
All I want’s to be slightly luckier-
Have a chance to see the world!
Is that too much to ask dear Pearl?”
Pearl the Oyster kept clamped shut,
Which is what oysters do a lot.
Giselle she did not mind the quiet-
She kicked up a bigger, frenzied riot.

Her father Myt was quite annoyed
For however much he tried
Futile was it to make her see
That she MUST dwell under the sea.

“Do you realize you cannot breathe above water?
How would you live there my dear daughter?
And what about your fins, my treat?
On land you must commute with feet.”

“Oh Papa, I’m not that naïve!
What about Cousins Amy and Steve?
Don’t tell me you didn’t cast that spell
To help them live on land as well!”
“But my darling, you were brought up here
Do you want mama to shed a tear?
Do you my dear, precious child?
About you turning completely wild?”

“I don’t care about all that.
All I want is a little cat
And shoes and bags and earrings too
Like earth girls have. And I want a tattoo.”

Pearl the Oyster kept quite silent
It’s true his body was quite pliant
But Pearl himself was really not,
And he thought all this a load of rot.

Myt had become quite furious
“For granted are you taking us!
Ungrateful girl, demeaning lass.
I’ll whip you squarely on the bottom.”

“Oh father, don’t be so uptight!
Listen to my teenage plight
I’m young! I want to see the world!
I’m not a helpless little girl!”

“But you are my dear child!
A baby, and that is putting it mild!
Why, over your clothes today I tripped!
They were on the floor! My tooth was chipped!”

“Tsk tsk Papa, that’s what we do,
Us teenagers. Our clothes we strew.
Across the floor. Though it is uncouth,
It is quite the cardinal truth of youth.”

“But how are you going to look after yourself?
And how will you know what to do with a shelf,
Having used the floor to house your clothes?
Why, I doubt you can tell your mouth from your nose.”

“Father, despite how it might seem
I am perfectly capable of being clean,
And adult-like. Now, this isn’t deceit-
I CAN and DO in fact, brush my own teeth.”

Pearl the Oyster kept closed his mouth
That is what he did best no doubt
Among all oysters he was considered sublime
And he considered all this a waste of his time

Myt ignored her sarcastic remark
And decided that he would instead embark
Upon the issue of sleeping too late
“What have you to say about that, sugarplate?”

“Daddy, expect me to act my age!
Staying up late is the latest rage
You mustn’t expect that I live by your rules
I will act eighteen now, not seventy two!”

Now this was far too much to bear
Twas all he could do to sit and stare
At the little monster he had raised
Who was now returning his angry gaze.

Now all of this was just too unfair
This entire meal’d been a sordid affair
Why was dad so blooming tiresome?
If only he’d understand- it’d be awesome!

Pearl the Oyster stared at the ketchup
He’d dearly have loved to be in far off Europe,
On some rich man’s dinner plate:
Rather than witness this excruciating debate.

“But don’t you want to stay at home?
Haven’t we given you more than Rome?
Why do you feel this need to leave?
Forgive me for being so very naïve!”

“Oh papa, think back to the time
When you were my age, did you not pine?
For adventure, romance, excitement and love?
This is what you would cheat me out of?”

Myt thought back to the prime of his days
Of his fast paced life and his escapades
The point she had made, made sense he recalled
She was his daughter after all.

Perhaps it was time to let her go
To let her leap, fly over the rainbow
Break free, escape and all the jazz
Let her regain his old pizzazz.

The bird was flying from their nest
Ah, finally he’d get some well earned rest
He and Martha’d holiday!
In the Coral Sea, the Bengal Bay!

Giselle was mighty thrilled and pleased
Her angsty teenage mind was eased
She’d climb the highest mountain! But
Before, she must really go get that new haircut.

Pearl the Oyster said not a word
Bottling it up was much preferred.
A chip off the old block, that was Giselle.
Well, the pair of them could go to hell.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Revival Post/ Blog Tag Game 2

This blog has for quite sometime been as dead as Snum in a third year OE class, and that's really saying something. So I've decided that today I must shake it out of its drugged slumber, by means of this revival post.

Overwhelmed by the number of things I have failed to document this past month and faced with a paralysing inability to pick which of these things to blog about, I have decided to complete a blog game that Snum (very ineptly) tagged me in last century.

I'm not particularly interested in this, but just thinking about the multitude of other things I have to blog about exhausts me so much I want to slide off the chair and go to sleep on the floor. So this is it. The revival post: Blog tag game 2. As I've been saying to myself a lot these days "Small steps MM, small steps."

Yo bebeh.

Blog Tag Game 2

1. The sunshine on my back on a cold winter's morning. CHEESY. But it feels really good, really.
2. A biting cold wind against my cheek when Im in an auto on a cold day. Reminds me of my childhood playground days in England.
3. Finishing something, completing a task, doing it well.

I used to think I was fearless. I feel fearless. Most of the time. It's a good feeling.
1. But I no like make
2. my few real fears
3. public, thankyouverymuch

(Man this is boring)
1. To obtain for myself a PhD (thats, Dr. MM, to you)
2. To swim with dolphins, bungee jump, skydive
3. To see as much of the world as possible

Im currently not obsessed with anything really. Hmm.
Used to be with:
1. SteandKel on Youtube. I've discovered Fred (through Snum, I must give her credit or she'll come at me with a pitchfork)... he's funny once you get used to him. Very cute.
2. The Harry Potter books. Obsessed is an understatement. I think we all were at one point.
3. The Sound of Music. That movie means a lot to me. Also some TV shows: Ed, 8 Simple Rules. TV doesnt interest me as much these days.

(Random AND surprising. Thats asking a bit much innit?)
1. I absolutely adore anything sweet with cinnamon in it. (How surprising! I hear you say)
2. I love big butts and I cannot lie. (I jest)
3. I dont usually tell anyone this, but I detest alcohol. Presently at least. Yup. Its true. I cannot consume it without gagging. Tastes like garbage, corrodes the digestive tract and what's more, has absolutely NO EFFECT on me whatsoever, however much of it I force down. Sigh. How I have been deprived of the pleasures of life. (That'll be one Margarita mocktail please.)

And thats it. I tag Nishant, Pavan, Taru, Lalitha and La, NONE of whom will complete the task, I am pretty sure. But fly forth my children, do fly forth. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Update

Bits written hurriedly over May. ____________________________________________________________________

There were so many times I remember Osh saying to me this month amidst much laughter... "Man, that's something that we HAVE to put on our blogs."
But none can I remember.
Was it about the Sharudog at Javacity?
Was it about what a pain Circle was being yet again?
Was it about going to the hospital for your arm, munch?
Was it about the waiter at Lazio?
So much more, I remember there was! I cant remember what. :|

Ok the modelling thing. Im so tired of telling the story, I cannot tell you. Bottom line is, I went to an ad shoot as an intern to see how the whole thing goes, but ended up being shot for a bill board poster for Bosch Car Service. Photographer said I had a "very fresh face" (I wonder if he knows what he's talking about.)
It was a nice experience, the make up and limelight in the studio and the sound of the camera clicking. Nice feeling. And everyone was supremely sweet.
Actress Sanjana was also shot, and the clients will choose which they like better. I hope to God they dont pick mine, I dont think I want my face splashed around Bangalore, although since I've already signed the model release papers I dont think i have much of a say in it now. :|

Shopping shopping... Oh how I lurves the shopping. Yay! *does happy dance*

The weekend before last was supposed to be spent elsewhere, but that didnt happen. So instead we spent it at the Dungeon. I have grown used to the Dungeon. It has become a sort of second home for me and Snum. Osh of course, lives there permanently. Snum and Osh are fun people to have around when you're in a dungeon. :)

Cant sleep? Watch Chapter 27. Worked on Osh and Snum like a charm.

Osh lent me She's the Man with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum (said in annoying high pitched voice) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Snum and Osh have been going on and on about this guy for the past month or so and until I watched the movie I was under the impression that they were cooing about a 'Shining Tater'. :| Naturally I just ignored them.
But now I know what all the fuss is about. *sigh*

This has been a month of those anonymous calls and messages. Today someone called and spoke to me in kannada.
The dude is like in a professional voice and all: Hello. Yes, its me. You wrote your number on my hand in the bus yesterday? *waits for me to continue*
You'll excuse me for being confused, I woke up to the call and was still a bit morning dazed. So I spent a moment trying to remember if I had in fact been on a bus yesterday and written my number on someone's hand. When my brain confirmed that I most certainly hadnt, I realised this guy was a bit of a goof and hung up.

And dont you hate the anonymous messages? They really irk the living daylights out of me. And I've been getting a surplus of those anonymous messages lately for some reason.
Anon: hiiiiiiii!

Me: Hi. Im sorry, dont have your number stored

Anon: Ay.... GESSSSSS huuuu????

Me: I told you, I dont know. Tell me, I'll store your number.

And even 20 messages later-

Anon: No no Uuu GESSSS

At least if they were intelligent or worded well they'd be bearable. But no. Half the time it's some crazy freak, and the other half its one of your annoying friends playing a trick on you. I'd ignore or be rude back to them, if only I weren't afraid that it might be some acquaintance that I'll totally offend. But all I want to say is blah. I dont care. You're a waste of my effing currency.

I was taking to Taru the other day about how I havent gotten over death yet, but all these med students have. They've gotten accustomed to it. Desensitised. Speak of it in a fairly cavalier manner. I cant. Read his post Mountains in the Clouds.

Taru can also talk of bowel movements with friends without cringing. He's on the path to becoming one helluva great doctor. :)

And also, I finally SAID what I needed to say.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blog Tag Game 1

We've been talking of Blog Tag games a lot lately. The conversation goes:

MM: Ay, you know what we should do, since we have so much time to kill at the office?
Snum Osh: What? What?
MM: We should do those blog tag games!
Snum Osh: What? What?
MM: Like I'll write a post on- 10 things I'd rather be doing now. Or A List of Places I have to see before I die or something preferably more interesting. And then i tag you... and you have to do the same post and tag people and we'll put them up on our blogs so they wont be dead and we wont be dead at the office either.
Snum Osh: Hey awesome! Yeah! Yeah! Cool! Definitely! Yay!

We've had this conversation 17 times.
Nothing's happened.

Until a coupla days ago, Nishant tells me I've been tagged from his post. Woot. So I dont have to come up with anything, he's started it all for us. Here goes.

Blog Tag game 1:

Last movie seen in a theatre:
Death at a Funeral Friday night with the munches and Jay. British comedy. Funny. The thought of Uncle Alfie will forever give me the jitters.

What book are you reading?
Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri

Favourite board game:
Cluedo! Many fun hours spent playing that.
“I’m Miss Scarlet!” (The others looked too ugly on the cards.)

Favourite magazine:
Old Readers' Digests. They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Favourite smells:
Old books. NEW FABRIC. Mangos. Peaches. Lots of others.

Favourite sound;
Mum’s old bangles clinking together.

Worst feeling in the world:
Rejection. Disappointment.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
This song plays in my head: “Get out of bed coz there’s loads to be done” It’s from a children's programme I used to watch a loooong time ago. Bit annoying actually.

Favourite fast food place:
McDonalds... where GS and I have our heart to hearts! They have a better veggie spread than most. I haven’t been able to stomach non veg despite several attempts. (I can hear my Iyengari aunties gasping at the idea. "Aiyayooo mamso saaptirka MM!")

Future child’s name:
Yes, I’ve thought that far.

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”
Shop. Then dance around in an ecstatic trance.

Do you drive fast?
I don't like this question and will refrain from answering.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
If I’m at Osh’s.

Storms - Cool or Scary?
Cool. The lightening was amazing the other day was it not Snum? Turned the sky purple.

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
I love broccoli. Yes I eat the stems. So sue me.

If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice?
I’d keep it black, thanks.

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:
London and Bangalore.

Favourite sports to watch:
Blah. If I HAVE to, then cricket.

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:
Interesting personality, Nishant :) Admire how he’s so passionate about what he does and gave up a high paying job to do what he really enjoys.

What’s under your bed?
The bogeyman.
He says hi.

Would you like to be born as yourself again?
Boring no? Same things’d happen.

Morning person or night owl?
DEFINITELY night owl.

Over easy or sunny side up?
Eggs make me queasy.

Favourite place to relax:
Home. Homes of friends. I like Snum’s room for some reason.

Favourite pie:

Favourite ice cream flavour:
Depends on the mood, but for a while it’s been peanut butter. Earlier it was pista. And I like vanilla, but only if it’s a round scoop served in a silver goblet thing.

You pass this tag to –
PS, Bestest, Osh, Snum, Taru.

Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?
Bestest is busy with internals. Taru's in hibernation from internet. Snum Pavan Osh. Im gonna say… Osh, cause she seemed excited when I told her about this. Don’t fail me munch!

Ok so what you guys have to do is copy this tag game, paste, link the person who tagged you (me!) and choose five more people to tag and link them.
Go on, its not that difficult! You can do it! Fly forth my children! Fly forth!

Alright, so everyone's finally finished the blog tag thing. Yay!
Here are the links to their posts.
Bestest's (with Lalitha's)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

April Update

Ok, a lot's been happening. Jam packed. One thing after another. Plus with work everyday I hardly have time to rest and shut my poor tired eyes.

About the Internship aka Thirty days of Torture. I'm halfway through it now and things are good. I'm enjoying it. I was extremely frustrated the first coupla days since I had NOTHING to do whatsoever. I swear I contemplated running through the office naked in protest.
But lately I've been given some stuff to work on. Our clients are HP, Infosys, Bosch and Reliance, and I finally feel productive and like I'm getting a sense of the field.
I love my little cubicle and feel like I'm settling down. I LOVE the kind of work I'm given, its just what I imagined I'd be doing when I was younger. I love all the wacky characters at the office. I love how The Other MM is just two cubicles behind me and how we're at each other's cubicles half the time talking. I love that I got an idea of what the Client Servicing job entails and know that I so prefer Creative to that.
It's good, it's all good. A proper summary will be put up later.

FnA's Day was on 30th. Just me this year. She'd a fabulous day, just as she deserves, while I was at work, and then I met her in the evening and we had one of our crazy stay overs. Laughed like hyenas. Fought like kilkerney cats. Got hysterical over nothing. Fun times. Times we'll remember. :)

Zz's day on 12th. That was during the exams. Fun. Snum was in her element. Read Snum's blog.
Much laughter and craziness. And yum cake and icecream- thanks Zz.

I'm SICK of the Brigade road area. I have been rotting there for half this month it feels like.

Osh asked me to blog about our escapade at the RTO... RTO? What 's the place called? Where you book train tickets? Yes well that was a fun thing to do after work. It was late. We were exhausted. There were a gazillion rows of chairs, and these chairs are the line to the counters. So every five minutes, everyone gets up and shuffles along the row till the person in front of them stops, and then just plonks down on the chair they're in front of.
Oh but dont plonk too hard though, some chairs just fall over backwards if you lean on the backrest. I had to grab Osh's arm to save her from slip discs on two occasions.
And all this while your ankles are being feasted upon by throngs of mosquitos. I thought I was going to die from some kind of allergic reaction, I had so many bites, I kid you not. My feet were well and truly eaten.
Not a nice ordeal to go through, that.

Those mosquito killer bats . Discovered them this month. Fascinating. I annoyed both Snum and FnA quite a bit with my obsession for mosquito hunting when I was supposed to be focusing on them. :D

The smell of mangoes again. Brings back memories and thoughts. Pleasant, exciting.

Im sure Im missing out loads of stuff. Done quite a few crazy things this month. Hehe. :) But all that dont get spoken of here at the blog. Shhhh.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm 20

Its true. I turned a non teenager on the 16th of April. What made my birthday this year special: (Warning: Mushy post ahead.)

Osh calling five minutes before midnight to be the first to wish me.

Snum the second. She was also the last. :)

Taru calling and playing me a three minute birthday song as soon as I picked up. :) hehehe

The gazillion calls and messages. Thanks everyone. :) :)

All the money I got from my aunts. Yeah baby! And the other gifts they gave me... sweethearts. :)

Birthday lunch and silly fun with classmates.

The Only Place. Ghost Stories. The Hand. Ebony sofas.
Taika. No Effect. Iranian Black Jacket Twin. Awkward dancing jack lookalike. Even "The party's over here..." :D

Getting lost. Knocking on doors. Talking. Making beds.

20 Feet High. Pleasant banter. Reliving old times with people I share such a strong bond with. :) Springy stepped, the Champ, FnA. :) :)

FnA and myself. Our crazy fun. Our night out. :D Our ghost pictures. Our talk about all things trivial. Our talk about all things serious. Staying up till 2.30am. I keep saying this, but words just don't do it. :)

Meeting Bestest. Being silly with Bestest. Having Bestest take uninteresting videos of me in public. Getting asked for an autograph in Gandi Bazaar when with Bestest (?? :D)

And of course my awesome gifts that made me cry. (sob!) They were so thoughtful! Brightened my day! Loved them. So much that I had to take photos of them, strange person that I am. I love you guys. :) Muahs to you all.

Bestest's: Turtle earrings (because I lost one of my old pair), wooden necklace, beautiful hand made bag, the colour xerox of the memory, the lovely lovely letter and the Goose Pillow. :) Hugs and hugs! Loved it all! Muah!

Osh's! The lovely kurta:And that little tin dabba encased a :) Beethoven

and the card I so LOVED! Thanks Munch! Muah!! :) :)Jay's. That he fretted over unnecessarily. Loved the deer card, and the beautiful shawl. :) Perfect colour, perfect everything. Thank yous jay. Muah! :) :)Snum's! LOVED it. The wallet with her photo in it, the confetti and everything. :)The card made me laugh! hahaha!And the beautiful personalised wrapping paper! Thanks ma Munch! Muah!! :) :)

And now that i have gushed enough, I take leave of you. Goodbye.

*end of mushy post*

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Cant Sleep

Well, here I am. Its three frickin fifteen AM and I cant sleep. Wonderful situation to be in, you agree?

But why you ask, this wakefulness? Oh, a combination of factors really. Cant place my finger on what exactly.

It might be the sweltering heat that has descended upon the city.
It might be because Im hungry, because I skipped dinner, because its summer and thats when I lose the will to ingest food (Catch me being that way any other time of year.)
It might be that goshdarned mosquito that cant take its goddamn proboscis off me.
It might be because Im angry and am swearing too much.

it could be because I got up at noon today.
Bloody study holidays. I swear I havent witnessed the morning for three days.

My mum has taken to cutting articles from newspapers and reading them out to me in severe tones as I groggily open my eyes each lunchtime.
"Why do you insist on being a Night Owl MM? Eh? Why cant you be an Early Bird? The health benefits are so much better. No doubt Night Owls are more creative and interesting as compared to well... the rather boring Early Birds, says this article that has so many references, but statistics prove that they have twice as many health problems MM. Twice."

*Grunt grumble groan snooze.*

I think Ive established from the past week or so that I am ABSOLUTELY NOT a morning person. I'm barely alive between the hours of 6 and 11 in the morning.

I exaggerate, of course.
*Rolls eyes.
I have been able to keep awake during the exams - 9.30 to 12.30am. (With the exception of General English- snooze fest if ever there was one.)

Nevertheless, my body clock has been well and truly destroyed this March- April. Smashed against a wall of granite, steamrolled by a gigantic truck, thrown off the Grand Canyon, whichever your imagination pleases. I doubt I shall ever be the same. My health is ruined and I have shaved off 10 years of my life. Nice accomplishment I think, for this month.

On a celebratory note, I wrote my last Sanskrit exam on the 11th. My last sanskrit exam EVER! (I do not think I will fail this one, unless the Gormless Lady reads this post. Fingers crossed.)

So bring out the champagne!
Never again EVER will have to attend those absolutely meaningless classes.
Never again will I have to stare at her lip movements in a desperate attempt to make sense of what shes saying.
Never again will I have to worry that she's secretly plotting to fail us all (which she did first sem mid term)
Never again will I have to pretend to like her, smile sickeningly at her (that took effort), and be polite to her when I was seething with rage from within.

Ah the Gormess Lady has gotten on many a nerve. She's stomped on them all in fact.
But now its over.
And in celebration I shall write a little free verse addressed to her.

Go jump
in a

The particular well you
so eloquently
In third sem text book:

"If yany fuvar legged animal is going to be
in a vell,
then what we must be going to be doing is,
to be
DRAYNING the vell,
and wiping the
REMAYNING water with a cloth."

Go jump
in that

Monday, March 31, 2008

Travel Time Entertainment

Something we saw that made us laugh during the second bus ride to Pondy. :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catching the Bus- Pondy

Okay, so we went to Pondy. Me Osh NiceHair and NiceEyes, for a lovely two day break.

NiceEyes and Osh planned the whole thing... bus tickets and everything, while I sat around wondering if we were going to go or not and placing bets with my mum.

So anyway, we turn up there at Kalasipalya bus stop, where our travel agent's shop is and where he has promised us the bus will leave at 9.45pm.
We sat there, bus didnt come.
Its ten o' clock.

Finally the travel agent guy leads us through the rain and squelching mud to this rickety bus one would imagine chickens are transported in.

Thats our bus.

We get in and Osh and me find our seat numbers: 15, 16, 17, 18.
There's a boy sitting there. I tell him to get up, he throws attitude at me. I tell him this is our seat, he refuses to budge. I yell at him loudly in Kannada, he looks uncomfortable and sidles out. Me and Osh sit down.

"What the hell. First of all this bus is nothing we expected or paid for! Then this dude tries to grab our seat! What the hell!"
"Seriously MM! No way are we moving from here! We've paid for these seats, we sit in them, thats that!"

Coupla minutes later, drunk very loud, very authoritative conductor comes and tells us in no uncertain terms that we have to get up. I shout again, and look to the window for help from our good for nothing travel agent. He tells me yes yes, we have to get up.

We get up and are led to the front of the bus where drunk rude loud conductor tells us the story.

Our original bus has broken down, travel agent has requested him for four seats on this bus, and out of the kindness of his heart, he has agreed.

Two seats on the bench opposite the driver (which seats four, but which now has to be shared by six)
And two "mission" seats.

"What the hell is that?"
"Ingine ma, ingine."

Two of us'd have to sit on the bloody engine, next to the driver. One can only imagine how burnt our behinds would be after ten hours of that.

We're angry. But we want to get to Pondy. If this is how it has to be done, so be it.
After telling travel agent we'd be back for full refund, we set off, NiceHair on the "ingine", NiceEyes and Osh on the seat, me on Osh's lap.

To my right, pregnant lady, half sitting on husband, half on us, throwing up at regular intervals. Couldnt have been older than any of us. We gave her half our water, she was really grateful. Whispered to me in Tamil, next morning, that her bus stop was coming, and that I should get ready to grab her seat for ourselves before any of the other old hags caught it.

To my left, fat lady in green saree with loads of big big moogbottu and other jewelery, muttering curses at us in Tamil. When I cursed her back in Tamil, she was shocked out of her senses. It felt gooooood. That lady was a real pill. She even hit NiceEyes in the middle of the night. The driver shouted at her then and threatened to throw her off the bus if she didnt start behaving. Real nice chap, he was. Old man, sympathised with us.

NiceHair was stuck with this scheming lady who side-ily came and sat on the engine with her, and refused to get up when Osh decided that her legs were killing her, and that she'd brave the burning engine anyway.
The two of them had to manage on that tiny spot of lava for the last seven hours, in addition to it all, being nudged and pushed around by her.

Bus broke down in the night and we were delayed for half an hour.
We asked sidey lady to shift a little so that Osh had some place to breathe. It wasnt even her goddam seat in the first place for crying out loud.
Pompous old paati sitting behind the driver butts her nose in. This was way too much to take. I yelled at her loudly in Tamil and told her to mind her own business. She shut up. Driver came and peace was restored.

We slept not at all that whole night.

We stopped at 5.30am. But we weren't in Pondy.
We had to take another bus to get there.

The driver was amazing though. I tell you, my knowing Tamil had such benefits. Immediate camaraderie. He didnt let us take the bus the rest were taking, he got us one with seats, and bought us the tickets, advised us to inform the police about this bugger travel agent who took so much money from us, and waved us off, the dear.

What adventures I tell you.
Caught half an hour's shut eye before we finally reached Pondy.
Aaaargh what a journey.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Relief, Sweet Relief

...last week.
I got the internship at Saatchi & Saatchi
In the creative department. Yay!

Big name. So even if its absolute torture (which I'm sure it wont be, Mr Shenoy), I have that on my resume.

Im psyched actually. And thankful. Cant wait.

Friday, March 14, 2008

17 Second Conversation

Today, Birds' Park, me Osh and The Other MM, dying a slow slow death.
We made so many calls I kind of really did not care after a certain point.
In fact I found it difficult not to burst out laughing while this one was going on.

Me: Hello, is it SoandSo of SoandSo Ad Agency?
RudeDude: Yes.
Me: Hi, my name is MM and Im a second year Media Studies Student from Christ College. We're looking for internships over the summer, and we were wonde...
RudeDude: No.
Me: Sorry? We were wondering if we could set up a meeti...
RudeDude: No.
Me: No internships available at all? One slot, two slots? Anythi...
RudeDude: No.
Me: You're sure. You dont even want to meet us. Take a look at our resumes? Have a small chat perhaps?
RudeDude: No.
Me: Thanks, thats nice of you. Have a good day.

Other MM: That was quick.
Me: 17 seconds.
Osh: We could set a record for most number of rejections in an hour.

It is a trying time, this end sem period.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Random Bit of Jan-Feb

A post scribbled sporadically over Jan and Feb.


I have to have to have to make a little mention about a small obsession I once had with a band that call themselves McFly. I was in love with them. Yes. Well and truly.
It was Snum who first introduced me to them.
"MM, you have GOT to check out McFly... you know, that non descript band from Just My Luck, the movie starring Lindsay Lohan that we watched in the theatres ages ago and bitched about constantly for months after?"
"Oh them. Pshaw."
"No really. They're hot. Not to mention hilarious."
So I grudgingly went down to YouTube and watched a couple of their vids.
The four of them together are absolutely hilarious. I was in love. With them all.

Now that is all just so January.

Now I'm just in love with Tom Fletcher. I shall marry him one day. Just see if I dont.
Only kidding.
Snum however is still completely insanely madly obsessed with them. Oh my munch, when will you grow out of these crazed fads?

I am also in love with SteandKel. If YOU can understand their accents and think they're hilarious, contact me ASAP!
18.03.07 PS: Their latest video is crap. Try their earlier ones.

The Exams. Well whatever. I totally messed up sanskrit (would you blame me?) and opt eng. *makes wry face*
Photography everyone finished in one hour. The last half hour Y was turning around and making weird faces at me, there was that much time left and everyone was so bored, the paper was that effortless.
I have a feeling this should really depress me, but Im choosing to let it entertain me, just for now.

I was still writing during the last fifteen minutes of photography exam, and was much rebuked by classmates for this. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why.
It wasnt because I was attempting all the questions twice, or because I wrote ten pages for each 2 mark question.

The secret is, Im a procrastinator.

There, Ive said it.
If I have two hours to do something, I wont bloody finish it off in the first hour. I'll sit there and crib in my head about how boring it is. I'll sleep. I'll even day dream. And in the last half an hour, I will get to writing.
Its not the best way of doing things, I agree, but it is more challenging. If you finish it all off too early, you dont feel like you've accomplished anything. But if theres this nailbiting finish, and a struggle to finish on time, you feel like you've actually done something at the end of it all.

The munches are the same way. Thats why our psych stall went up just a little bit late. But we got 20 on 20 for it. Yay! We did do a good job, even if I do say so myself. The topic was what made it really interesting. "

Su2's birthday. Treated us in that rooftop place the sweetheart. It was fun, except for the puke inducing orange shirts of the world. And the back sprain. And the dude that gave us a bar of chocolate, which Snum promptly put in the little bill book as a tip for the waiter.

Su1's birthday. I like how we were dropped back in style. And how we got to party despite the ban (shh) which I do not think we'll be able to do for a while now. The funnest part was being with the munches, after, before, during. :)

Jodhaa Akbar was quite nice. I loved the costumes and jewelery *gives girly sigh* And Hrithik *girlier sigh*
Enchanted we watched by mistake, but it wasnt too bad. Osh was unbelievably embarrassing though :D
Jumper was kinda cool. And Hayden Christensen is HOT. I totally enjoyed Shattered Glass.
Osh is obsessed with PS I Love You. Says it brilliantly she does, the munch.

We are all now officially broke.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Gormless Lady- A Passage

Somehow or the other, the Gormless Lady always manages to feature a lot here at Leaves.
She irks me so.

She recently gave us a bit of indigestion over our CIA (Continious Internal Assessment) and threatened to give me Y and Su1 zero marks out of 20.
("Seeee, you are all going to be taking this too lightly. And so I am going to be having to take some measures for this. Because otherwise you people will never be learning.")
But she cooled down after four days and allowed us to present our assignment which went off quite ok.

I have no one to really rant about it all with. My classmates who've taken this blessed language- RampagingBull, Y and Su1 to name a few- are all pretty much resigned to the whole thing. They couldnt be less bothered that she has massacred both logic and the english language and handed it over to us in a small sickly yellow book that cost us each 60 bucks. And which she refused to let us xerox for 10 bucks instead.
But I just cant get over the whole thing. And Leaves is the perfect outlet for my frustrations.

A passage of translation from her text book. Word for word. Down to the last punctuation mark. Now YOU tell me what you'd write in one of her exams.

"Those who after gaining knowledge, but never respects teaches even though living near to them, never service them ion mind, words or by action, for them excess they sin due to them killing a child will be affecting other than these no one will be more sinful like it is duty of teacher to lead the student to gain knowledge for self emancipation, in the same manner it is righteous attitude to do services for teacher."

I mean, seriously. It'd be okay if it was just the grammar that was wrong, but if the thing just doesnt make any sense, something has to be said.

Please dont judge my college based on the gormless lady though. They've been tryng to get rid of her forever, but she's just not budging, and she's got a scholorship and is employed by the govt or something, so they cant do anything.
Reason Im feeling friendly to college is because they have realised how stupid they were about the Titan Eye+ vouchers which I mentioned here, that they gave us for topping the class. And as a compensatory measure, they gave us all gift vouchers for Strand Book Stall. Goody.
Also they gave us 700 bucks for winning Creative writing at InBloom.
So I like them now. Yes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things that Amuse me and Things that Dont

My local Beauty Parlour amuses me. For ten bucks, you get your eyebrows done really well, and you get a bit of entertainment thrown in for free. The parlour has become a place for the middle aged women of our locality to congregate and gossip about their neighbours. So while Im sitting in the chair being threaded, but otherwise completely ignored, I catch up on all the latest happenings in my locality.

"Ay, Reena, ning hosa story gothidiya?"
(Ay Reena, are you knowing the new story?)

"Gothilla kane helbidu bega"
(I dont know ya, tell off quickly.)

"Dod mane kaka angadi pakka ganda hendathi ibbaru suss-side madbitru, car alli, BDA Park mundhe ."
(Big house next to condiments store husband wife both did off suss-side in their car in front of BDA park.)

"Usshusho nijvaglu?"
(Oh my great heavens, for sooth?)

"Howdu. Yako gothilla. Aurella tumba richu. High class. Status. Magalu Switzerland allidale bere."
(Yes. Why, who knows. They are all very rich. High class. Status. Daughter is in Switzerland also.)

"Debit allidransate."
(They must have been in debt.)

"Hucch tane adu. Dodmane itkondu chit fund yella madbekita?"
(Madness only that is. Keeping big house, did they have to do chit funds and all?)

"Ayyo bidu. Psychic aurella"
(Ayyo, leave. They are all persons having the ability to predict the future.)
I think she meant psycho.

It amuses me how much like a video game this Sunday was.

It was one of those family functions again, and since mum's in the US, I got front seat in the car, and there was no talk about the youngsters of today. It was however very much like watching my dad play a video game.
I felt the same rush as I did so many years ago when I watched my cousins make Super Mario dodge those owl monsters.
Mind that cow, dont kill that limping dog in the process, look out for that stream of saree clad woman sauntering just ahead through the fast moving traffic. Squeeze car between pedestrians who occupy half the road, and that broken down truck. Dodge Maruti Van at twelve o' clock! Ah, you havent bashed into anything. Unbelievable. High score, 1880 points.
I dont think I'll ever get over how ridiculous the roads are.

Lunch on banana leaves. Lots of it. So much that you have to refuse certain foods. How? Place your hand above your leaf, look server in the eye and say "BEDA" firmly. Servers are temperamental though, and if they get the feeling that you really really dont want that puliohare they're bearing, they will vindictively pour a bucketful of it over your hand and onto your leaf.
Dodge that ghee! Poor dad, hands are all spattered with it. Minus 20 points.

Relatives. Lots of them. Asking annoying questions. Particularly Silly Crow. Here she comes, from behind that group of auntys chattering about their jewelery. Dodge her! Career behind group of high energy five year olds, run outside quickly without her noticing. You've made it! Score! 40 points. Wait... Oh no, she's ambushed you near the hand-wash. Caw caw!
Sorry, Game Over.

As I was curled up on the sofa battling a crippling stomach pain late last night and switching channels in an attempt to distract myself, I chanced upon an awards show. Filmfare was it? yes.
I have to admit, it quite amused me. Ah, these poor celebs.

Kareena dances chaotically on stage. Immediate close up of Shahid who squirms uncomfortably and then smiles plastically.
Shahid wins award for Jab We Met. Switch to close up of Kareena who squirms uncomfortably and then looks off coldly into the distance.
Saif Ali Khan bursts onto stage chewing gum. Close up of Kareena looking triumphant.
Saif Ali Khan cavorts tantalisingly on a balcony with some frisky looking, very fit foreigner gals. Close up of Kareena biting her lip angrily and shaking her head ever so slightly.
Saif Ali Khan cavorts some more. Close up of Kareena looking downcast. Close up of Shahid looking away trying not to laugh.

Dharmendra speaks in English but makes almost no sense at all, and sounds horribly egotistical.
Vivek Oberoi almost cries while receiving his award from dear old dad.
Neha Dhupia screws up her words and looks very shocked at herself a moment after.
I laugh at them all. It amuses my sadistic mind. My pain seems small compared to theirs. Poor celebs. It was all very amusing.

Those Orkut fortunes also amuse me.
Today's fortune: You are going to have a very comfortable old age
Mind you, this only today's fortune.

Yesterday, Orkut said "You will be recognised and honoured as a community leader."
All hail MM!

Sad news. Amusement park rides dont amuse me anymore. :(
We went to Wonderla before the exams, me Snum Osh and Zz. It was lots of fun. We laughed a LOT about I have no idea what.
But the rides were NOT exhilarating. At all. Before at least they'd give me a tingle in the tummy or something. Now nothing.
The Pirate Ship was okay, and perhaps Y scream . The rest was all just sissy rubbish. Which is really disappointing. The rides were really fun for me the first two times. Oh well, I shall just have to go bungee jumping the next time Im feeling adventurous. Cowabunga!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oshsays VIII- Pitching

Some ridiculous conversation:
MM: I think I'd be able to pitch an idea best, if no one was actually listening to me.
Snum: I think I'd be able to pitch an idea best, if I was alone.
Osh: I dont think I'll ever be able to pitch an idea to anyone successfully.
We laughed loudest at Osh.

"'Ooown". Valentine Witch. "Uno momento". Pitch and Volume issues. Red roses. Matching Purple I'd-rather-not-says. Videos and hysterical laughter.

An Oshsay: "MM do you want two five buckses?" *grin*