Monday, December 8, 2008


NOOOOOOOOO!! How could this be happening!!

*calms down*

Yes so I've been little busy. And loads of updating is needed, but I have GRE coming up. Herhetjrhsba. (No, that is not a GRE word, thats just me choking.) So Im afraid this place is going to be dead a little longer.

I will however republish a few posts I'd written a long time ago on my old blog, here, under the dates I wrote them, purely for your reading entertainment! *acknowledges the cheering*

They're all Bits about Zz, here are the links.
Nose Cardys and Monsters
The Zz Code

And I will take this opportunity also to wish Jay a happy birday day, thus bringing the number of mediums I have wished him in to five hundred and eighty four. Happy Birday day Jay! See his blog.

And I will see you all in Jan. Or December end. Or before that if it catches my fancy.

Yours panickingly, (GRE word?)

A Jittery MM.


Lalitha said...

you are worrying about the words!!!!!!! the words!!!!! seriously???? the words are easy....hows the math going?

La said...

noooooooo GOOSE! you have to post! It's only when you're absolutely packed with things to do and have a zillion exams to write that the most extraordinary posts come to mind.

Daicub&Daicub said...

deer! i am being seeing yuwar blog all of the mornings and evenings and being disappointed that newer postations are not being existing!!! write off some things no :) anything, even very small is being very much ok... because it all the times turning out to be having some little humor inside it!

MM said...

@Lalitha: Ah math, what is that. *silent tears flow down cheeks*

@Goose: You're right! And I will write! Ah goose you make things so simple. You call me tomorrow morn. We talk. :)

@Deer: I am following yuvar advises and be writings soons! In two days mebbe three! In fact, I am fast action one- tom tom only yitself! You see it from pete new post will be there! For yous wonly! Yays! :)

La said...

write something goose!!!!!!!!!!!