Saturday, December 20, 2008

Naarth Yeest

Im sorry.
It's just that college has started, and Im forced to sit through lectures where my teachers are saying things like "Find out does the five of them have understood." "How can we define PD as? What does it stand from?" and "Which arsepect of the ictivity do the indi-u-jials enjoys?", and all this is taking a toll on my pronunciation.

So we went to Pelling, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Mirrick, in that order. Mum, Dad, me, Dear IyengariAunty Number 3, Respective Uncle and the Cousin N.

It involved a lot of sitting in buses as we drove up the hills on winding roads, watching the beautiful scenery, which is all very nice the first twenty minutes, but gets Jesus Lord I have to tear my hair out of my head boring after that. No, it is breathtaking, and the first few hours I smiled to myself and thought, Ah, this is heaven, I could take a lifetime of this. But no, I couldnt. Dudes, I have realised one thing from this trip. I am a city girl. Staring at trees, and getting up at four to witness "the glory of the sunrise" are not things I am meant for. It was beautiful, and I did appreciate it. But I can only in small quantities. After that Im just gonna need a computer and a nice smelling tea shop with some fluffy cushions and good lighting.

There were these helpful little road signs along the way though, put there precisely for the benefit of bored travelers such as myself:
"This is not rally. Enjoy the valley."
"Life is short, dont make it shorter"
"If you sleep, family will weep."
Sikkhim was overall far better developed than West Bengal though. I really liked Pelling and Gangtok. (But this is probably because our hotels were good there.)
You know what? There is such a thing as nose cardys! Pliss read first that it was I who invented them.

Why am I wearing a dead purple animal around my neck, you ask?
And to that I say, it was cold.
From Gangtok we went to this lake that was 13,000 feet above sea level, and we had to wear these nose cardy things, it was so cold. Mmmm, they made us hot maggi in lovely bowls and it was soothing to the senses. I bought some of the bowls. They are soothing to my senses.

August 09: Ive decided to complete the post and put it up because there's this feeling of too many open drawers.
Ah yes nose cardys. Now of course we just call them N95 masks.
I loved Gangtok, it was beautiful, and if you ever want to escape your life, this is where you should definitely go. I met some darling people (including the kolandegals that N and I began to refer to as The Germans or merely, "samosa!" as they passed us). We saw some beautiful scenery, and altogether it was quite magical it seems, from the pictures- it's been so long I dont remember what it was really like. Oh and I sat on a yak, and we had a snow fight and all that. Not me and the yak, N and I. And here are some photos.

Me with afore mentioned darling people, with the snow, with N and beautiful beautiful sceneries. (I love Bend it Like Beckham)

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