Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Lil' Bitta Nonsense Poetry by MM :)

I wrote for College poetry competition Darpan 08. It won first. Yay! :)
Topic was "Save us from..." Sounds better if you read it aloud.
First verse is a bit iffy, but it gets better. :)
Here eet ees:

"Save us from controlling parents!
Bring on the anti depressants!"
Scream young adults from all around
It was for them, this story was found:

Once upon a moonlit rock
Giselle exclaimed with utter shock
“I haven’t seen quite half the world!”
Around her face her curls all twirled.
For Giselle she was a mermaid true
Her fins were of the greenest blue.
She dove and swam to seabed sands
Whilst dreaming of the upper lands.
Last birthday was her eighteenth year
She felt it’d all been such a blur-
Her life- with not an ounce of meaning
She felt like running, stamping, screaming.
Her heart it felt a longing so
To venture, scurry forth and go
Where none of her kind had gone before-
She’d be the first, the world to explore!
“The Little mermaid was all just fiction!”
She screamed out with convincing diction
The only one who heard her out
Was her pet Oyster Pearldipout.
“Why Pearlipoo? Why am I stuck here?
All I want’s to be slightly luckier-
Have a chance to see the world!
Is that too much to ask dear Pearl?”
Pearl the Oyster kept clamped shut,
Which is what oysters do a lot.
Giselle she did not mind the quiet-
She kicked up a bigger, frenzied riot.

Her father Myt was quite annoyed
For however much he tried
Futile was it to make her see
That she MUST dwell under the sea.

“Do you realize you cannot breathe above water?
How would you live there my dear daughter?
And what about your fins, my treat?
On land you must commute with feet.”

“Oh Papa, I’m not that naïve!
What about Cousins Amy and Steve?
Don’t tell me you didn’t cast that spell
To help them live on land as well!”
“But my darling, you were brought up here
Do you want mama to shed a tear?
Do you my dear, precious child?
About you turning completely wild?”

“I don’t care about all that.
All I want is a little cat
And shoes and bags and earrings too
Like earth girls have. And I want a tattoo.”

Pearl the Oyster kept quite silent
It’s true his body was quite pliant
But Pearl himself was really not,
And he thought all this a load of rot.

Myt had become quite furious
“For granted are you taking us!
Ungrateful girl, demeaning lass.
I’ll whip you squarely on the bottom.”

“Oh father, don’t be so uptight!
Listen to my teenage plight
I’m young! I want to see the world!
I’m not a helpless little girl!”

“But you are my dear child!
A baby, and that is putting it mild!
Why, over your clothes today I tripped!
They were on the floor! My tooth was chipped!”

“Tsk tsk Papa, that’s what we do,
Us teenagers. Our clothes we strew.
Across the floor. Though it is uncouth,
It is quite the cardinal truth of youth.”

“But how are you going to look after yourself?
And how will you know what to do with a shelf,
Having used the floor to house your clothes?
Why, I doubt you can tell your mouth from your nose.”

“Father, despite how it might seem
I am perfectly capable of being clean,
And adult-like. Now, this isn’t deceit-
I CAN and DO in fact, brush my own teeth.”

Pearl the Oyster kept closed his mouth
That is what he did best no doubt
Among all oysters he was considered sublime
And he considered all this a waste of his time

Myt ignored her sarcastic remark
And decided that he would instead embark
Upon the issue of sleeping too late
“What have you to say about that, sugarplate?”

“Daddy, expect me to act my age!
Staying up late is the latest rage
You mustn’t expect that I live by your rules
I will act eighteen now, not seventy two!”

Now this was far too much to bear
Twas all he could do to sit and stare
At the little monster he had raised
Who was now returning his angry gaze.

Now all of this was just too unfair
This entire meal’d been a sordid affair
Why was dad so blooming tiresome?
If only he’d understand- it’d be awesome!

Pearl the Oyster stared at the ketchup
He’d dearly have loved to be in far off Europe,
On some rich man’s dinner plate:
Rather than witness this excruciating debate.

“But don’t you want to stay at home?
Haven’t we given you more than Rome?
Why do you feel this need to leave?
Forgive me for being so very naïve!”

“Oh papa, think back to the time
When you were my age, did you not pine?
For adventure, romance, excitement and love?
This is what you would cheat me out of?”

Myt thought back to the prime of his days
Of his fast paced life and his escapades
The point she had made, made sense he recalled
She was his daughter after all.

Perhaps it was time to let her go
To let her leap, fly over the rainbow
Break free, escape and all the jazz
Let her regain his old pizzazz.

The bird was flying from their nest
Ah, finally he’d get some well earned rest
He and Martha’d holiday!
In the Coral Sea, the Bengal Bay!

Giselle was mighty thrilled and pleased
Her angsty teenage mind was eased
She’d climb the highest mountain! But
Before, she must really go get that new haircut.

Pearl the Oyster said not a word
Bottling it up was much preferred.
A chip off the old block, that was Giselle.
Well, the pair of them could go to hell.