Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just so there is a post for March

It's April first. And my blog is still dead.
What the hell is wrong with me?

College is over. And there was some sadness. A lot actually. But Im waiting for the next adventure... bring it on!

There is much to blog about. (Malaysia was awesome.) And I will this month, since I have pretty much nothing else to do. Except plan my what's happening the rest of my life and stuff, and that... eh. *tsks and makes nonchalant hand gesture*

Meanwhile see Bestest's blogpost on coffee. *Frappe addiction kicks in again* She and Sne went to her plantation in Madikeri, and the coffee blossoms are just beautiful (Snow Blossoms, I called them) And the photos are breathtaking. Except they arent loading properly just now, so you'll just have to wait and check them out later.

More posts this month I pwomiss.

PS: Is anyone else creeped out by the BJP advertisements on Youtube? It just all seems very unnatural.