Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just so there is a post for March

It's April first. And my blog is still dead.
What the hell is wrong with me?

College is over. And there was some sadness. A lot actually. But Im waiting for the next adventure... bring it on!

There is much to blog about. (Malaysia was awesome.) And I will this month, since I have pretty much nothing else to do. Except plan my what's happening the rest of my life and stuff, and that... eh. *tsks and makes nonchalant hand gesture*

Meanwhile see Bestest's blogpost on coffee. *Frappe addiction kicks in again* She and Sne went to her plantation in Madikeri, and the coffee blossoms are just beautiful (Snow Blossoms, I called them) And the photos are breathtaking. Except they arent loading properly just now, so you'll just have to wait and check them out later.

More posts this month I pwomiss.

PS: Is anyone else creeped out by the BJP advertisements on Youtube? It just all seems very unnatural.


Rookie said...

I seem to live such a protected life. Stupid college netguard doesn't let me even open youtube. BJP can go hang like the net here for all I care.

La said...

ooo! my blog is getting some advertising! hehe! thanks goose :)

I'm in your house btw... :P

write more! more more more more more more!!!!!!!

Rookie said...

You pwomissed. Make sure you keep your word.

Karthik Shetty said...

It didn't creep me out, bu the again, I didn't react to it either.

MM said...

@V: You dont even get to open youtube? Yeesh. I feel for you. Do something about it no!

@La: Come OVER! Now. And comment on my blog from my comp. Waaah.

@Karthik: They just seemed completely ancient, the ads. I mean if they're trying to reach out to the younger crowd by advertising on media that they use more often, at least let the ads relate to the target audience, you know what I mean? The ads were just really old school and completely out of place. Not appealing at all. Even the ones on the radio were like that, for that matter.

Rookie said...

@MM: So are the candidates they're fielding! All ancient relics!

Anonymous said...

Even the ones on the radio were like that, for that matter.
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