Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm in love and I'm happy

Killer title no?
Before you get all excited and ready for some juicy gossip, let me just introduce you to him.

This is Bolt.

Isnt he just darling?
What ok. Dont roll your eyes. I can be gimmicky on my own blog, if I want to.
But draw your attention to his eyes, his large nose, his perfect tail. Isnt he just the cutest thing you ever saw? Isnt he just? Isnt he?

Look, this is Bolt's puppy eyes look.

This is Bolt staring incredulously at a rodent.

This is Bolt being angry.

This is Bolt being compassionate.

This is Bolt in action.

This is Bolt in action at night.

This is Bolt swinging from a banner with a skeletal cat and a hamster.

This is Bolt being studly.

This is Bolt being confused and lost.

Ah Bolt.
How I love you, and your perfect tail.

Bestest lent me the movie a while ago and he is now the Dog of my Life. Unfortunately, as a result, I have been forced to remove Ceazu, (Bestest's Boxer) from top position on my list. (Yes, I have a list. What's it to you?) Which goose, you cant really blame me for seeing as you were the one who introduced me to Bolt in the first place, right? So there will be no plate throwing and name calling, right? And no yelling and screaming insults and abuses while running me over with a truck, right? Right.

So that's who Im in love with.

And why am I happy?

Well today was THE most BORING day I've ever lived through. I swear.

And if that's not enough to make a girl happy, I dont know what is.

Patience I say, there's more.
In the morning I was so sleepy I was afraid I was going to crash headfirst into the monitor if I didnt do something about it quickly. And then I'd have to pay a fine and stuff, not to mention sew up my severed head. So the other intern and I walked down to the nearby coffee day and bought a frappe, because they wake me up (and well, Im addicted. Shhh).
It didnt help.
I spent the entire afternoon doing NOTHING. And I intensely hate this doing nothing business. I was feeling all restless and angsty and uncomfortable and adventurous and wanting to do something crazy, like bungee jumping or running through the roads screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". And I spent the whole afternoon not being able to, and generally just feeling terribly trapped and miserable the entire time.

Now if all that's not enough to make a girl happy, I dont know what is.

No WAIT. There's more.
In the evening, I got some good news:

I've passed my sixth semester with Distinction! YAY!

*waits for applause to stop while some others mutter 'well, that was long winded', and to them I say "well its my blog and I can rant here if I want to ok!" before tearing up and running away*

Ordinarily I wouldnt bother so much about such news, but today it just made me euphoric.
Yes, there is still some Iyengari blood flowing through these veins.

And to all of you who eagerly came here expecting E News type drama and romance and were bored out of their senses by this long, rambling, rant of a post... HA HA ( in the words of Nelson). And also, do me a favour please, and go and jump in a well. Thank you.

In my next post I declare there will be no gimmicks.
Scout's Honour.