Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend with Bestest

It was last weekend, which just goes to show you how lazy I am.
It was the weekend I fell in love.
With a dog named Ceasar, who is a Boxer. By breed, not by profession of course, I'd never be foolish enough to fall in love with a boxing dog.

It wasnt love at first sight, Im afraid. Im not too fond of dogs jumping all over me, so I cowered for a while behind Bestest while she enjoyed feeling all powerful and in control.

After Ceazu quieted down a bit, I began to like him.
In a matter of hours, this like had blossomed into full blown love.

He followed me everywhere. Like Mary's Little Lamb (I was Mary)
Even if he was asleep and snoring, if I walked out the room, he bounded up and pattered along behind me. I was the object of his affections. He kept throwing me adoring looks. I felt so darn loved. Once in the morning he just came over to where I was sitting, placed his head on my knee, and fell asleep.
Which left me in a bit of a predicament actually, because I wanted to get up and go have breakfast, but how cute is that?
I realise he's not the handsomest of dogs, but what do looks matter in the end anyway? Really, Ceazu's like a human. Muah. Darling dog.

Me and Bestest had a top notch time.

Daft broom-unknowing supermarket dude.
Pringles: 69 bucks. Expression on Bestest's face as I stuffed my face with them: Priceless.
Melting Hershey's kisses in a saucepan.
Watching them burn.
Devising other methods. Success.
Cream and Fudge Factory Specials, which you get at the Factory for around 100 bucks, but that I can make for under ten. (Contact MM at 23456547)
Stuff off shoulders.
Reading stuff written long long ago :D
Laughing like the hysterical geese we used to be.
Talking about the kind of geese we've become.
Walking. Open field. Strange Christmas carol music.
Staying up till 5.30.

Brilliant way to end those blasted exams. :)

On a completely unrelated note, I called someone a blasted screwt today by mistake. My dad only looked quizzically at me for a minute before letting it go.


Lalitha said...

He's MINE!!!:P

La said...

hey and mine also!!! :P

What a day that was! :D

I'm so glad you came over!

Nil said...

Awww he looks so sweet!!
I can so relate!! I wish I could make puppy dog faces like that!
The first time I met him I was really scared, but the last time I was in La's house he kept throwing me these I'm-so-adorable-and-don't-I-know-it looks and I spent the entire time butt-scratching...La was trying to decide which one of us (me or Cezu) she found more exasperating!

Like its MY fault she has the biggest little-puppy-dog ever!!!:P

MM said...

We should start an "I love Ceazu" club :D
How thrilled would he be if he knew.
I trust you show him my blog la, on a regular basis?