Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Gormless Lady- A Passage

Somehow or the other, the Gormless Lady always manages to feature a lot here at Leaves.
She irks me so.

She recently gave us a bit of indigestion over our CIA (Continious Internal Assessment) and threatened to give me Y and Su1 zero marks out of 20.
("Seeee, you are all going to be taking this too lightly. And so I am going to be having to take some measures for this. Because otherwise you people will never be learning.")
But she cooled down after four days and allowed us to present our assignment which went off quite ok.

I have no one to really rant about it all with. My classmates who've taken this blessed language- RampagingBull, Y and Su1 to name a few- are all pretty much resigned to the whole thing. They couldnt be less bothered that she has massacred both logic and the english language and handed it over to us in a small sickly yellow book that cost us each 60 bucks. And which she refused to let us xerox for 10 bucks instead.
But I just cant get over the whole thing. And Leaves is the perfect outlet for my frustrations.

A passage of translation from her text book. Word for word. Down to the last punctuation mark. Now YOU tell me what you'd write in one of her exams.

"Those who after gaining knowledge, but never respects teaches even though living near to them, never service them ion mind, words or by action, for them excess they sin due to them killing a child will be affecting other than these no one will be more sinful like it is duty of teacher to lead the student to gain knowledge for self emancipation, in the same manner it is righteous attitude to do services for teacher."

I mean, seriously. It'd be okay if it was just the grammar that was wrong, but if the thing just doesnt make any sense, something has to be said.

Please dont judge my college based on the gormless lady though. They've been tryng to get rid of her forever, but she's just not budging, and she's got a scholorship and is employed by the govt or something, so they cant do anything.
Reason Im feeling friendly to college is because they have realised how stupid they were about the Titan Eye+ vouchers which I mentioned here, that they gave us for topping the class. And as a compensatory measure, they gave us all gift vouchers for Strand Book Stall. Goody.
Also they gave us 700 bucks for winning Creative writing at InBloom.
So I like them now. Yes.


PS said...

Change the colour, wilya? Pretty please?

The white, it hurtss us, yesss precious.

Sharanya said...

I remember the first day i read that passage. The day of the language exam. I laughed so hard i needed oxygen!! And then gormless lady passes by, nay floats by as i am incapacitated.

MM said...

How I wish you were in my sanskrit class munch.
I wish you were there, and the gormless lady couldnt see or hear us.
That would be a fun way to spend an hour. :D

MM said...

@Pavan: You're funny. But I like the colour. Can I keep it? Can I please?

PS said...

Funny in a laugh-with or a laugh-at way? :)

Even a light pink is better you know. But. I've argued my point enough. Do as you will. :)

MM said...

Both :D
I think it'll stay white. At least for a little longer.

La said...

the template looks lovely! how did you get the picture to become all clear?

don't ever, ever throw away your sanskrit text book!

MM said...

I wont.. I have them all... first semester to fourth.
I was so appalled by each and every one of them I felt I had to keep them intact in remembrance of what I once had to suffer.