Friday, February 1, 2008

Long due post on Class Trip

I know it was a million years ago, but I had to mention here on my blog about how Snum fought with the monkeys.
There were loads of them there at Shivgange. Loads.
At first sight they're all really cute. Sitting in hoards and hugging each other, chit chattering and staring at you with those darling eyes... Awwwww!

But once you've spent a little time with them, you get a little glimpse into the mind of the monkey, and you realise what cruel mindsets these evil simians actually possess.

They stole. Blantantly without any signs of remorse.
Rem's food packet. Grabbed it viciously, left the poor child screaming, went and perched atop a high rock and proceeded to get the raitha all over its face.
Nat's pack of Yummies. While she was feeding them to Basanti, the dog that accompanied us up the hill.
Nat's second pack of Yummies. She tried to fight, but the monkey was too vicious to be reckoned with.
One baby monkey grabbed onto my backpack, while I was wearing it. I'd have liked to make a bigger deal of this, but unfortunately other events took place which far surpassed this one in magnitude.

They fought.
With the dogs. That was entertaining. NOT.
With us, as they tried to DRAG our bags (which were several pounds heavier than themselves) away to their little dens, wherever they are.
They engaged in mortal combat with Snum. (Well not, mortal combat, but bad enough.) First was on top of the mountain when one tried to grab her bag from her. Snum held eye contact with it for 15 minutes. As if daring it to attack her. I just stood on the side muttering prayers and begging Snum to leave it alone. They circled. The monkey hissed. Snum said "Yes, TAKE my bag why dont you? Just try it you furry little midget." At least, thats what I imagine she said, she was talking under her breath. The monkey soon realised the bag was not worth all this trouble and left Snum alone.
The second incident was much scarier. As we were leaving the place halfway up where we'd stopped to eat, a monkey who was busy eating someone's left over rice (which it had stolen no doubt) was much upset by a line of us who all by mistake trampled over its cuisine. At some point this all became too much for the monkey. Unfortunately that particular point was the point when Snum had, laughing and talking with the person behind her, just placed one foot gingerly on the rice. The enraged monkey with a blood curdling squeak hurled itself forward and BIT SNUM ON THE ANKLE. The next thing you'd expect is for Snum to have squealed in shock, or yelled in surprise, or started crying. But no, in the blink of an eye, and in a completely unprecedented move, Snum turned around, bent over and yelled "That bloody hurt you asshole!" into the monkey's face, much to the shock and later amusement of everyone around. The monkey leapt backward and continued hissing. Images of this incident are etched in my memory permanently. Snum turned out to be okay, and did NOT need rabies shots thank you very much.
Oh and also, we were almost attacked by a swarm of bees.
Other than that, a nice pleasant trip.
And now I must abruptly end, and go and attempt to mug up that crazed text book the gormless lady set us in a desperate hope to pass tomorrow's exam.


Lalitha said...

ummm atleast the little buggers didn't tand you do realise throw poop at you!

PS said...

You have this real thing going on, don't you, where you are all tantalizingly mysterious about people'd identities, including your own?

Well, keep it going! :)

MM said...

@Lalitha: Yes, at least they didnt throw poop at us. I should be thankful. :D

@PS: Thanks, I shall indeed. :)