Saturday, March 24, 2007

A New Keyboard

That is solely the purpose of this entire post.
You wont imagine how wonderful it feels to be able to type a sentence without your own fingers threatening to strangle you if you subject them to any more torture.
I mean seriously, wow. Wow, I mean.
(ignore the last sentence, I just needed something to type)

Ah, the effortlessness of it all! I could type forever! But dont worry, I'll not, I can hear you snoring already.

Actually, this isnt really a new keyboard. Its a substitute keyboard that the shop gave me while the other one went for "repairy".
Little do they know that I'm never returning this one. NEVER! I shall shift country and change my identity if I have to.

This keyboard is for keeps!

Random Nonsense

You wont believe how difficult it is to get a subject for your practical examinations. Sheesh. Nobody is willing to come at ALL. Its amusing really, to hear the excuses people come up with. They just DONT want to be psychologically examined. Nuh ah. Not them.

And sadly, all the engineering students who might have come have their internals going on at the exact same time as my exam.
Sigh. Whom, whom shall I get to examine this semester? I dont suppose I shall know until the very last minute when I pay some iffy-looking person off the street a large sum of money to help me out.

You will never guess what song is playing in my head. never. Not even if I gave you a hundred guesses and your life depended upon it. Go on. I bet you wont. Okay, if I win the bet, you have to be my subject for the psych prac exam. If you win it, you get to be my subject for the psych prac exam. Hows that? Go on... guess already!
Eh eh.
Wrong answer!
Please confirm timings and date of psych prac exam with MM within the next two hours.

The correct answer is: "Car, car, car, car..." etc. Its a kannada film song. I've never heard it in my life. I have only heard other people sing it.

Yowch. Imagine this. Your research paper presentation/practical exam is on the 22nd. Your batch: roll numbers 41-78, has been told to come at 1pm.
1pm- 4.30pm, they say.
Your roll number is 72. You are resigned to the fact that you will reach home only at 5pm.

Sadly, you are informed when you get there at 1pm, huffing slightly from all the running you did to get there on time, by irrate people from the other batch, that they are still on roll number 20.

You go to the Forum. Try and be amused by bags and the like.
Meet an old friend from PUC.
Have a long conversation which ends because he thinks you're trying to get away from him, when in reality, all you were trying to do was complain a bit about how crazy the exam process is.
All this till 5pm.
Then you go back to college and find that they are on roll number 52.

Thank god for the Tenzen and Su3. Only, I wish they hadnt kept singing "Car car car..." and dancing to it. Imprinted in my brain since then.

I kept having to read and re read hilarious messages Snum was sending me in order to stay alive.
A sample:
"My god! They is mad! Jus completely delusionally crazy! You poor poor people! Besta luck! Btw... knock em dead! I mean it! Literally! Sock TheCat in his giggling face! Then get The Sternchap and fling a a chair at the Wife of Bath as she's running for the door... And tell me how it goes..."

My turn came at 7.40pm. He asked me some total lame ass question. I was too exhausted to explain myself properly, so I settled for looking very angry and domineering. That threw them off. I think the Cat was slightly afraid. Humpf. I'm glad. Silly Repetetive Mewing Cat.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time Flies

Can you believe that almost a quarter of the year is over?
It feels like 2007 just begun and already we're one fourth through it.
Time flies...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Summer's Begun

...I realised during the course of the day.

The first indicator was the sultry stickiness that pervaded the atmosphere and made me feel like holding onto every little wisp of wind that came my way. Not that there were many "wisps". But I remember worse days, with so little breeze you'd just want to scream.
The wind in your hair on a hot summers' day... ah, there's nothing like it. :)

Then there was the sudden and brutal abundance of insects.
Wasps! So many!
Cockroaches. I spied a dead cockroach on the path to the front door today. I stopped for a second to marvel at it. I havent seen a cockroach in ages! Twas then tat I truly knew. Summer had come.
And the ants. So many of them now! They made their way into the fruits on the kitchen table and wedged themselves in the crevices. GROSSNESS!
Takes a moment to recover.

Also, there's the need to drink water. Its a feeling I havent had in a long while. The cold winter months saw me drinking little or no water. Times are now a-changing. The water cooler at college is being frequented. My bottle is now a priority while stuffing the things I need for college into any one of the abysmally small bags I happen to own.

Having to sleep with the fan on 4. Not using my big fat comforting blanket anymore.

Not having an appetite at night at ALL. Hearing my parents' lectures about how its necessary to eat 3 proper meals a day, at the right times. The lecture hasnt changed much since the last summer. Or the one before that. Or the last 8 summers before. Sigh. I wish they'd remember that its always been this way, and not get so flustered about the entire issue.

Just the whole feel of everything is different, you know?
Just like the whole feel of everything is different when winter begins.

And this new (but old) feeling brings back memories of the past.

Right now, its bringing back memories of tenth standard board exams. They were on, this time of the year, 3 years ago. And Mumbai also.
And tuition and the cricket matches, which was happening around this time of the year, two years ago.
And my 2nd PU practical exams (bio I remember especially. How thrilled I was that they all went off well!). That was a year ago.
Memories, they all flood back. Mangoes, Dance class, The Family Ties Sitcom on TV.

Season changings are nice. Different, but familiar.

I feel myself missing the winter. Gimme cold over hot, anyday.
How tragic that I cant use my lovely jacket and boots for a whole 4 months now at least!
And how tragic that I must find some way of tying my hair up so that it doesnt insulate my neck, without it looking too weird.
How tragic that I must take to sprinkling water over my bed (much to my mother's rue) during the times when its just too hot to sleep.

But I'm looking forward to the summer.
What memories might this one make, I wonder.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Psychology Seminar- After



Sudden Sleepover 2

Twas not sudden for me, but for Zz.
We were all in hysterically bad moods. The auto ride was fun. :-D
We got over our moods by completely disregarding the project we were supposed to do.
cheered us up.
Zz had beauty treatment (thanks to Snum's aunt).
I read to her of an Enchanted Mirror.
We had icecream. Mmmm.

I was forced to watch The Covenant. Please, please if you have the opportunity to, dont.

Snum's gran took us down memory lane during yummy dosa breakfast (when we were supposed to be in mag journo class... dang, why can we never get up on time at Snum's place?)

Twas nice though. I love Snum's house. Its so qwesh.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Sheesh, I have been in the worst possible set of moods ever this past week.
I blame it all on the bloody internships. Stupid difficult-to-get newspaper internships.
Why why wasnt I diligent enough to go to them at the earliest? Why?
They took all the people who got there first and now they're filled up. :( The stupids.

Yes, so I have found out that I dont deal too well with stress.
I have, as a result of the accumulating pressures on my head:

1. Barked at almost everyone in class, at least once, and I mean barked.
2. Not been happy.
3. Been constantly worried.
3. Been lost in my own world, and it wasnt too sunshiny a world either.
4. Gotten up late and on the wrong side of the bed
5. Been angry with the world and especially with the gormless lady
6. Left my room in a ROYAL MESS (which is different from the usual mess that its always in), and have been mighty peeved about it all.
7. Growled at a poor boy whom I don't know who bumped into me by mistake and who apologised to me profusely afterwards.
8. Not eaten properly.
9. Not slept properly.

Oh, it has not been fun, I can assure you. :(

Psychology Seminar- Before

I have to take the candles and the oil for the lamp.
I have to wear the horrid blazer uniform and slowly BAKE in the Assembley Hall which will contain 99 or so other warm blooded human beings.
I have to NOT suffocate from the carbon di oxide being let out by the 99 others.
I have to look busy. (sigh)
I have to usher people. (Bleh's sister is right, that word really does give the wrong impression)
I have to NOT bark at people. Help me Snum!
I have to fight the urge to kill myself.

I have to. Yuck.