Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Summer's Begun

...I realised during the course of the day.

The first indicator was the sultry stickiness that pervaded the atmosphere and made me feel like holding onto every little wisp of wind that came my way. Not that there were many "wisps". But I remember worse days, with so little breeze you'd just want to scream.
The wind in your hair on a hot summers' day... ah, there's nothing like it. :)

Then there was the sudden and brutal abundance of insects.
Wasps! So many!
Cockroaches. I spied a dead cockroach on the path to the front door today. I stopped for a second to marvel at it. I havent seen a cockroach in ages! Twas then tat I truly knew. Summer had come.
And the ants. So many of them now! They made their way into the fruits on the kitchen table and wedged themselves in the crevices. GROSSNESS!
Takes a moment to recover.

Also, there's the need to drink water. Its a feeling I havent had in a long while. The cold winter months saw me drinking little or no water. Times are now a-changing. The water cooler at college is being frequented. My bottle is now a priority while stuffing the things I need for college into any one of the abysmally small bags I happen to own.

Having to sleep with the fan on 4. Not using my big fat comforting blanket anymore.

Not having an appetite at night at ALL. Hearing my parents' lectures about how its necessary to eat 3 proper meals a day, at the right times. The lecture hasnt changed much since the last summer. Or the one before that. Or the last 8 summers before. Sigh. I wish they'd remember that its always been this way, and not get so flustered about the entire issue.

Just the whole feel of everything is different, you know?
Just like the whole feel of everything is different when winter begins.

And this new (but old) feeling brings back memories of the past.

Right now, its bringing back memories of tenth standard board exams. They were on, this time of the year, 3 years ago. And Mumbai also.
And tuition and the cricket matches, which was happening around this time of the year, two years ago.
And my 2nd PU practical exams (bio I remember especially. How thrilled I was that they all went off well!). That was a year ago.
Memories, they all flood back. Mangoes, Dance class, The Family Ties Sitcom on TV.

Season changings are nice. Different, but familiar.

I feel myself missing the winter. Gimme cold over hot, anyday.
How tragic that I cant use my lovely jacket and boots for a whole 4 months now at least!
And how tragic that I must find some way of tying my hair up so that it doesnt insulate my neck, without it looking too weird.
How tragic that I must take to sprinkling water over my bed (much to my mother's rue) during the times when its just too hot to sleep.

But I'm looking forward to the summer.
What memories might this one make, I wonder.

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La said...

I know exactly what you mean! Summers change everything! Sigh... but they're nice somehow. All the heat makes me feel like I've done some work... hehe... I feel incredibly inarticulate today! Isn't Bangalore the best place in the universe?