Friday, March 2, 2007

Sudden Sleepover 2

Twas not sudden for me, but for Zz.
We were all in hysterically bad moods. The auto ride was fun. :-D
We got over our moods by completely disregarding the project we were supposed to do.
cheered us up.
Zz had beauty treatment (thanks to Snum's aunt).
I read to her of an Enchanted Mirror.
We had icecream. Mmmm.

I was forced to watch The Covenant. Please, please if you have the opportunity to, dont.

Snum's gran took us down memory lane during yummy dosa breakfast (when we were supposed to be in mag journo class... dang, why can we never get up on time at Snum's place?)

Twas nice though. I love Snum's house. Its so qwesh.

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