Saturday, March 24, 2007

A New Keyboard

That is solely the purpose of this entire post.
You wont imagine how wonderful it feels to be able to type a sentence without your own fingers threatening to strangle you if you subject them to any more torture.
I mean seriously, wow. Wow, I mean.
(ignore the last sentence, I just needed something to type)

Ah, the effortlessness of it all! I could type forever! But dont worry, I'll not, I can hear you snoring already.

Actually, this isnt really a new keyboard. Its a substitute keyboard that the shop gave me while the other one went for "repairy".
Little do they know that I'm never returning this one. NEVER! I shall shift country and change my identity if I have to.

This keyboard is for keeps!


PS said...

Did you have to return the keyboard? Does this mean signal the return of the lightening-fingered? :D

PS said...
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