Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Guess what I did.
Go on, guess. (This blog is interactive.)

Ok, so we have our psychology exam right? Well, I havent studied at all. Much. 10.30- 11.20pm the night before, and 7.30- 8.20 am on the morning of it.
So anyway, surprisingly, I'm not freaked. I'm just not bothered. It was probably some kind of psychoanalytical defense mechanism. Repression, I suppose. I got up at 6am. Knew I hadnt studied. Yet forced myself to sleep again. It was only at 7.30 that I actually realised, not in full magnitude, but slightly, how I hadnt studied for an exam that was happening in a matter of 2 hours.
Anyway, I get there, sit in the exam hall and everything. And I'm drawing lines. Margins. We are explicitly instructed to by our teachers. Anyway, the booklet is huge. Its taking forever. I begin to daydream whilst I draw (which can undoubtedly be explained by Arousal Theory of Motivation).

Suddenly, I am awakened from my Passive State of Light Consciousness, and I notice that no one around me is drawing lines. They're all scribbling furiously.
But we havent got the paper yet
! I think.
I wonder why they're taking so long to fill up the info on the first page. I sit and watch in fascination as Sk writes. (She keeps her mouth open in a rather fascinating manner as she writes, its fun to watch, you should sometime.)
I stare around for 5 minutes. Out the window, at Rampaging Bull's dupatta (which is a scream of vibrant colours that kept me hypnotised for a bit). Then realise everyone's still writing.

I get a little perturbed when I glimpse something that looks like a question paper in front of Sk.
I point at it and whisper. "Question Paper?"
She looks up, mouth still open, and nods.
"Yours?" I ask, stupidly.
Mouth still open, nods.

I look around for mine. On the table, floor, my lap. It nowhere.
Then I realise I havent got it. Desperately signal to the invigilator to give me one.
He looks confused. Apparently, he is not adept at Common Sense Sign Language.

"Ay, what you want man?" (I'm not one, but I let it pass)
"Question Paper sir."
"Where is yours ya?"
" I...uh... dont have one sir." (apologetic tone... it works wonders with teachers like these)
"Dont have eh?" he says as he bustles around trying to find the extra.

Meanwhile, I check my watch to see how much time I'd lost.
My watch says that its 2:43.
Not very helpful.

The invigilator bustles up with a rather reprimanding look on his face.
"What ya? Cant tell or what?"
"I didnt ...erm... realise... sir" I falter
"Its 9.45 ya!"
More faltering.
"Okay. Its alright. I'll give you 10 minutes extra"

A smothered giggle from TheQuickOne.
People in the vicinity are mighty entertained.
With a quick blush at my ridiculousness, I look down and begin scribbling.

How did I not realise people were getting the question papers? How could I have missed that? Where was I? Did I black out or something? Was I transported to some different dimension for that brief space of time? Abducted by aliens?
Whatever happened?


La said...

Silly goose! :D

La said...

How well you predict me! Do I even have to comment? :D

MM said...

I thought you might say that as well! I know you too well la. :D

Sharanya said...

My gawd! I could picture Sk and her open mouth wit dum expression!! hahaha....my sides hurt!