Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bizarre- Tap Thieves

We got robbed. Yes.
Somebody stole a tap. From our terrace.
Its true. I'm not lying.
From our terrace, a tap.

So in the evening, my dad and I are sitting and watching TV when my mom hollers from upstairs "Is the pump on? I can hear water."
We check, and it isn't, so my dad and I decide to investigate.
We go up to the terrace and find that its flooded. Confused, we wade our way over to the tap... or where the tap used to be. Because now there isn't one. We stare for a couple of minutes wondering why the hell someone would steal a tap. We look incredulously at one another to see if the other has come up with any sort of plausible explanation. Neither of us have, so we look back at the tap.

My dad decides to deal first with the immediate problem. How to get the water to stop. Thats pretty easy for someone with some common sense, and my dad has a lot of it. So he goes over, locates the pipe from the sump which is providing water to the tapless outlet and turns the rusted main tap thingy off. "We'll have to get a plug for this." he says, straightening up.

Now onto to HOW the thief managed this feat. We find at the scene of the crime, a black tube like structure, about a metre long and slighty curvy. Could he have used this? Its quite possible, although we cannot, for the love of god, figure out how.

How had he gotten on to the terrace in the first place?
Had he shinnied up the coconut tree and somehow catapulted himself the 7 feet up to the terrace? Was he capable of climbing up sheer walls without any holds or supports? Perhaps he used a rope. Perhaps he could fly. We'll never know.

All we know is: its gotta be difficult. Its gotta take a lot of time, energy, effort and creativitiy to get on to our terrace other than through the door that leads there.

And all this, for a tap.

He must be desperate, poor chap.
Or a raving lunatic.
Why didn't he switch the water off at least?
Probably a vindictive, malicious guy with no respect for the environment.
Perhaps he's a klepto.
Or just unhinged (God, insanity scares you more than anything else doesnt it? Its the absence of logic and rationality, I suppose thats scary.)

Bottom line, we must be wary. (Mommy, I'm scared!)

Tap thieves could be all around us.
Be careful. Be very very careful.

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