Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Ungrammatical Things That Were Said That Tuesday

Here's one of them:
"He doo's that!" or something to that effect.
See, I forgot.
Forgot that there was such a word as 'does' in the English Language. 'Does', just didnt sound right, you know?
A terrible blunder to make isnt it?
And I said it again, despite the shocked expression I was getting from Snum. Thought she wasnt hearing correctly or something (she can be kind of thick at times).
"He doo's that! He doo's! What . . . wh . . what? Snum? Are you alright? Are you having some kind of weird attack?"
All I can say in my defense is, it hasnt ever happened before. And that sometimes brains um.. (faltering slightly) . . . short circuit, and stuff so . . . (decides to stop here before she says anything even more foolish)

Thankfully Bestest said a lot of foolish things which more than made up for my utter lack of brains. :-)

Here are a few of them...
She started off with:
1. My skull is frozen!
(yes, yes, you are thinking right. It was surgically removed, then placed in ice.)

Next she said:
2. I didn't commented.
(Really, she didnt. She also didn't knew she had made a mistake when she said that, until I, in between loud guffaws, told her. Very similar to the "He doo's!" incident.)

And last of all, she told me:
3. I ate gingerbread with cheese at Pizza Hut.
(And it said "Run, run, as fast as you can! You cant catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"
Just before a large bestest bite silenced it.)


Need I say anything more?
(And what I mean by that is, I'd better not, in case in a tongue of the slip, I say something utterly stupid again

dang it!)


Sharanya said...

its an absolute epidemic i tell you!! Hope it doesn't go away completely though...its fun isn't it!? :D

MM said...

Yes, yes. We cannot do without them. :)

La said...

I'm bored. my exam starts in four hours and i'm bored. i really like this post. As insulted as i am by it, I like it...