Sunday, April 8, 2007

First Earnings

I'm earning! Who'd've thunk it?! :D Its a good good feeling.

You're wondering what I did with the money arent you?

Yes, I spent it already, what do you take me for? (rolls eyes)

Well, the first thing I did was, I went and bought a distilled water-containing contrivance for the scullery. Yes.

Okay fine.
So it was a water container. A plain old large steel water container for the kitchen. You cant blame me for wanting it to sound more exciting.

I wanted to give something back to the house, see? I feel like I'm contributing now. Hurray! I'm all grown up! Like I said, good feeling.

I think I shall blow up the remaining cash on a movie or five. Or on my niece and nephews, the darlings. (Best to be nice to them now, you know, before they grow up and become all bratty)

The MM of a week ago would be wanting to save it, open an account.
Who knows, perhaps I shall.


La said...

Bestest wants a birthday gift. But she says she cannot aford to buy you one... ;P

MM said...

You know what? I simply CANNOT find what I've been searching for for you. Nowhere is it available. Tsk tsk.
You're going to have to wait a bit my goose. As will I, I suppose.

PS said...

Whom did you embezzle to get the money? :)

Sharanya said...

sigh....she's all grown up! :D where'd all the money go????

MM said...

@ PS
I did not embezzle, as you so delicately put it, anyone. :P

Its gone! Its all gone! :'(