Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Osh and Snum: The War of the Words

They're fighting. Its getting irritating. I mean, come on already.

Over words. Their meanings. Their pronunciations. Their usage in everyday conversation.
I mean, come on. Who fights about words?

(Ok, maybe I used to. Maybe I was the pioneer of all word fights. Maybe my every second was occupied in etymology and arguements. Maybe. But lately, I have changed. And since I have lightened up considerably, I no longer engage in this stressful pass time.)

So far, its 2 to Osh, 1 to Snum.

"The battle is lost," said Snum movingly. "But we shall see about the war." (noble expression)

Yes, we shall indeed.


La said...

ah yes, words wars. I love those! How can you possibly be annoyed MM? I side with Osh and Snum... :P

MM said...

But they're both on different sides :D
You should see them at it la! Continuously ranting and raving at one another. Tearing each others' hair out! Sometimes I have to use a hose to get them to stop!

I'm exaggerating as usual.
Its probably because I'm nervous. Opt English (which is no joke) exam tomorrow.

Isnt that a nice word to start using as a verb? :)

La said...

yes it is! I like it. I shall jitter more often. Jitter. How nice! Put it in my word list I will.

Sharanya said...

jitter huh? cute :) Word wars are fun munch but only if you're in them...the sidelines do not provide much entertainment i'm afraid. So.....join in!! mutter gibberish, gesticulate wildly-do whatever you want! Promise we'll be real sports and argue your brains out!! hahahaha...
PS Actual Score Osh 2 Shar 3
Silly mathematically challenged munch