Thursday, April 23, 2009

A pwomiss is a pwomiss

And now is when I blurt out nonsense! Wait for it!! Wait for it!

Why does that Vodaphone lady greet you with malicious laughter when she's about to tell you that the number you are trying to call is unavailable? "Hahaha the Vodaphone number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable hahaha." I mean why is that necessary, that smug smile in her voice? Cut it out I say! Throw that lady in front of a bus I say! Do they WANT us to associate Vodaphone with murderous feelings already? Really.

Fantastic ad I saw. Poster. Large. In medical store. I stared at it the entire twenty five minutes I was waiting for the fat lady to decipher the prescription and waddle around uncertainly trying to pick the right drugs off the shelf.

"Vicks" it says proudly. "Trusted by 70% doctors."

All I could think of the entire time was about the 30% who considered it a health hazard.

I dearly wanted to put up the collage Oshmunch made of me and her... and then converted into a darling magnet that sits prettily above my mirror, but having recently heard internet psycho story, I have decided against. :(
It is so cute though. Just so you know.
Oshmunch is in Delhi doing a PR internship. She is missed much.

Also, Im 21. It's true. Each year I must will myself to believe that I am in fact aging, by telling myself here on my blog. I am 21. It's true.
It happened some 6 days ago, while I was in Singapore.
I lay awake the night before curled up in the foetal position (as is tradition before birthdays) evaluating my life up till date and feeling that I really really really hadnt done enough with all of it. :( Wonderful way to bring in a new year. But in the morning I woke up all reassured, I must've had some sort of calming dream or something.

And then I got back and Jay had been such a deer and arranged something in my absence for my 21st. We all met up and had such a glorious evening of fun... I wish it could have gone on forever. And Im not usually so senty about things like that. This was truly an awesome evening, I couldnt have had more fun. Everyone was adorable and the gifts are all treasured. :)

And now we're on yesterday's party page of the Deccan Chronicle. Did I ever think the day would come? No. Has it though? Yes.

I suppose our little non achievements must be given their due credit. Besides, while I was appalled at first, after I saw it I wasn't as much. Same with the others. It was actually a really cute little write up. And it kind of serves the purpose of a permanent reminder of such a wonderful evening. :)

Goose I miss the days. I am going to make a photo album especially of the days. Who would have thought they would be times that we missed. Let this photo be a tribute to the-week-I-want-to-go-back-to. You write your GRE soon I say goose. Oh, and I have a photo gift for you from Singapore. Later. For now I leave you with this reminder (that will make no sense to anyone but me and you. :D) Giggles.

The internship started yesterday, with Orchard India, ad agency. (Isnt the website like, sew cool?) I have also been sorting my life out a wee bit. Sigh. More on that later.

I have a cold. After a long time. It kinda sucks sneezing so often.

I have just realised that NO topic is too trivial for this blog.

So I shall now proceed to talk extensively about the Leaping Ant.
I've encountered a fair share of crazy animals in my life, the mad squirrel, the Dog of My Life and lagoose to name a few, but none of them were quite as mad as the leaping ant.

So the other night I'm sitting on my bed (upright for once), back to the wall, studying for a very important exam (so I'd like you to believe, but I am in fact simply staring vacantly into space, one earphone in place, and a book open before me, waiting for the cows to come home).

I lean my head against the wall in sheer desperation, when I see out of the corner of my eye, a very large black ant. I do not have a heart attack, and pat myself on the back in commendation of my bravery. Meanwhile the ant leaps a good 3 feet in my direction. I have a heart attack and scramble in an ungainly manner off the bed. Whereupon it leaps after me. So high! SO far! It was truly a sight to behold. After it had chased me a couple of times around the room I mustered the courage and found an opportune moment to flick it out of the stairwell window.
But it was quite a display of acrobatics. I never imagined such a thing possible.

I must save this unsavoury moment for posterity! I thought to myself. And so I have.

And with that, I leave you. Until my next dose of nonsense.