Thursday, March 1, 2007


Sheesh, I have been in the worst possible set of moods ever this past week.
I blame it all on the bloody internships. Stupid difficult-to-get newspaper internships.
Why why wasnt I diligent enough to go to them at the earliest? Why?
They took all the people who got there first and now they're filled up. :( The stupids.

Yes, so I have found out that I dont deal too well with stress.
I have, as a result of the accumulating pressures on my head:

1. Barked at almost everyone in class, at least once, and I mean barked.
2. Not been happy.
3. Been constantly worried.
3. Been lost in my own world, and it wasnt too sunshiny a world either.
4. Gotten up late and on the wrong side of the bed
5. Been angry with the world and especially with the gormless lady
6. Left my room in a ROYAL MESS (which is different from the usual mess that its always in), and have been mighty peeved about it all.
7. Growled at a poor boy whom I don't know who bumped into me by mistake and who apologised to me profusely afterwards.
8. Not eaten properly.
9. Not slept properly.

Oh, it has not been fun, I can assure you. :(

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