Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ker to go to Kerala?

My post titles get cheesier by the day.

Anyway, see photos. Notice how I have cleverly uploaded picture of self with face turned away?

The Kumarakom (Snum spelt it Kumaaroakurm, try getting your tongue around that) trip was a lot of fun. Very revelatory. I learnt a great deal. Also, since I've gotten into documenting things here at Leaves, I should talk a bit about the people I met there.

Swedish Couple Next Door. Rather ahead in their years. Maybe in their late 40s or so. They still seemed quite adoring of each other. Surprisingly, it wasnt sickening. It was very sweet. I got on with them better than I would most Indian families I think. Would you believe my luck? The husband was working for a radio station and the lady was a psychologist! I had a nice long chat with them about their professions. They told us about the former half of their trip to India, and about how poor old Sweden gets virtually no sunlight. They were a breath of fresh air. That, is apparently abundant in Sweden.

The Two Babies. Very cute. I dont know why I have this sudden liking for tiny tots. Very adorable.

Younger Baby's Mum. She'd done the same course as Im doing now! In Bangalore, but at MCC. She did wonders for me, really. My dad is now slightly more convinced that I will be able to support myself once I finish studying. She works as a technical writer, and her work sounded pretty interesting.

Hotel Owner, who told me "Dont worry ma, all deds are like this. My daaghter will also have to cop in the same way if she takes me and my wife for a holyday."

We went boating a lot- hoseboat, mawter boat, cundry boat. And I lazed on the hammock to my hearts content. Lot of egrets here also. Crows as well, but not as troublesome as some Ive encountered before.

Its a really beautiful place though. I was greatly reminded of The God of Small Things. Really enjoyed myself. Nice memories.


La said...

ooooo! Nice photos!

you and your holidays!

Lalitha said...

lalitha bored lalitha want new blog

La said...

MM has exams. No?

Write more ya... after you're done that is...