Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Random Bit of December

It was a squeeze, but I JUST managed to finish everything on time. Did I stay up till 5.30 in the morning trying to finish the assignments? Was I so dead sleepy in college that I fell asleep while walking to the main gate and had to be picked up and slapped by grumbling friends? Did I have to refuse to go party that night for fear of dying from exhaustion? Why, of course not. *disapproving look*
This 13th hour thing. It's a disease.

You know how when you're lying down and talking to someone who's sitting up, their chin looks like a nose? And their lower lip looks like an upperlip, and their upper lip looks like a lower lip? And its like there's a face on the bottom half of their real face upside down? And you cant concentrate on what they're saying to you because you're too busy laughing hysterically at the whole charade? No?
Snum does. Thank god I found Snum.

Message Snum sent me today evening: I am not talking to you ever again. I dislike you immensely. You should go jump off the nearest pole. Climb it... then jump off it.

The reason: I know not. Minor, I'm sure.

Despite these small glitches, Snum and I are best friends.

I was felicitated. Or as they said "facilitated". For topping the class last sem. (Woo hoo! :)) Nice function it was. Parents were mighty impressed with the state of the art audi and lights and effects and campus and all. Full vaaaav! they were.
But very disappointing was the voucher. From Titan eye+.
Five hundred rupees off on Titan Eye+ goods.
Blah. I know.
Wait there's more.
You only get the discount on purchasing items for Rs 2000 or more.
Talk about crazy. And wait...
No discount on accessories and all. No cool sunglasses, watches and all that.
Only eye glasses :|
So if you dont have power, first develop power (by March 2008, when coupon will expire), then spend Rs 2000 and avail your 500 rupees off discount.

What did you get for topping, MM? Oooo, a chance to spend 1500 bucks from my own pocket, for a pair of glasses I just don't need!

Me, Monkeychild and Other MM had nice time complaining, and taking crazy photos.

No Birds only in Birds park today. I consider it improvement.

I notice I am talking very colloquially. Or as gormless lady pronounces it, collokwially.

Gormless Lady didnt give attendance for this felicitation thing. What the hell.

Also, she says
MoreEVER for MoreOVER

and she says it a lot.

And during attendance she calls out numbers 11 71, 11 72, 11 75 as
"Len senty vun...
Len senty to...
Len senty-fy..."

More reasons why she should be burned at the stake.

I am for some reason reminded of my seventh standard maths teacher... one of the many we had that year. She had big teeth and she sat on the table not at it. We hated her.
One of her particularly famous dialogues: "Either you will simplify, or I will make you to simplyFLY out of the class."

Have you seen that video of the baby laughing everytime it tears a sheet of paper? :D
I've been laughing like that a lot lately, its so much fun, and its doing me a world of good.


La said...

oh the video! It is sooo cute! This whole post is hilarious!

I can't believe what the college gave you! Stupid people! :P ... Hey... I can use it! Give it to me! Actually no. I'd be too scared to wear glass that cost me two thousand. ... but then, the ones I'm wearing cost me a thousand five hundred anyway... so, yeah, I could use it. Give it to me. :D

Our math teacher used to say: "You come to iskool to do istudy not ishthyle!" But then she was nice and we liked her.

La said...

where are you???

Shruthi said...

I remember that math teacher of ours...she was a Christian right?? And she made us do that poster project kinda thing on the algebraic rules...LOL....I can't recollect her name!
But that project didn't make sense to me until the night before it was due!
I was glad she got pregnant, it made her leave....she had a funny/slow way of talking, thanks to her big teeth!

MM said...

@la: Here. Hehe.
Sadly, I have lost the Titan eye plus voucher. Or I might have shredded it, cant say. Hehe.

@Shru: I dont remember her being christian... I do remember her name was Vandana.... wasnt it? She got pregnant? I thought she left because we were horrors! We'd so many math teachers that year... no one wanted to teach us, I thought. lol!

zahid said...

hilarious post....I must say that i like that snum of yours !!!! She seems mad like me !!!

cheers for the new year !!!

Sharanya said...

hilarious Madhu!! i died laughing! Tis was just such a treat! and i agree with Zahid. This Snum character seems like such a laugh! hehehe....

MM said...

@Zahid: Thanks! Same to you! I've let you know who snum is through other means. :) Her identity must remain under wraps on this blog. Da da dum. *eyes dart about quickly*

@Sharanya: Um, do know you from somewhere? Just kidding. :) Hehehehe yourself you crazy bum. :P :)
And I have a codename for a REASON you know. And its so cool and all... MM... Couldnt you have just like, USED it? Would it have been THAT difficult? Would it have COMPROMISED you in any way? No, tell me, REALLY.
Calling me Madhu outright like that.
Insensitivity! Pure insensitivity. Kids today I tell you. Bah.

Lalitha said...

you know im compleatly with you on hating math teachers! all math teachers deserve to be hated! what sort of peverse sadistic evil creature chooses to impose math on innocent little minds! but you know u shld enjoy the butler english (or cultural diversity as they call it in this godforsaken country im stuck in). and you should have someone with a extra strong mallu accent read the whole of Macbeth aloud to you, Macbeth it turns out is the greatest comedy ever written.

MM said...

@Lalitha: Ha ha! Thankfully that didnt happen to us. Our teacher in first sem had an absolutely spiffing British accent! Not nearly as entertaining!