Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothing, a Happy New Year, and a Very Happy Birthday La! Post

Here la! I dedicate my most boring post ever to you! Because I love you that much! :P

Little tension is happening. Why means? 59 days until college gets over. I counted. (Yes I do crazed things like this when Im panicked.) So yes. And I have no clue what Im doing after. Or rather I have too many clues and tis difficult to choose from them. This is my final year, and there's no fixed plan, and in 59 days Im out of college, with no idea of what's ahead. Woot. Im so happy.

Today is La's birthday. So this is all dedicated to her, my Bestest, who so often annoys me for new posts. La is far off in Madikeri, but I am with her in thoughts. I forced myself out of a very heavy blog slumber for you my goose. God knows what pleasure you derive from reading my mangled thoughts, but Im glad that you do. :)

One of aforementioned thoughts is, how can people use yahoo mail when there is gmail? I mean HOW? Gmail is so convenient. There are so many useful little feature thingammys that make life so EASY.
Labeling, that lovely clear layout, archiving,
most importantly conversation emails, where all your replies are in one email,
gtalk right there, To do list right there,
and lately those theme things- I have Zooblimps, they is darn kyoot. :)

And how CAN people still use Hi5 (Jay sent me a friend request from there, I couldnt believe people were still active on that mess) when there's Facebook that's so much more private and convenient? (Let us not get into debating the issue of social networking sites, boon or bane? just now.)

HOW I ask you, HOW!?!! Life's mysteries, for sooth.

The word convenient. I pronounce it differently in my head, after I recently discovered it was spelled conVENient, and not conVINient, as I'd earlier believed, and that my motorola dictionary was not stupid as I'd earlier assumed.
Convenient. Fascinating word that, and a favourite.

Motorola sucks dude. No wonder these shooting pains down my arm have gotten so frequent (hmmm, what's that? Why yes, it IS my left arm. A heart attack you say?) I have the w375 (Yes, snazziest model ever. But it's a flip, and so I like.) and its frickin impossible to type anything on it. Nokia over Motorola any day.

I made up a new word. It's an insult: Ridiculouse. It is used to describe someone who is both ridiculous and a louse.
Usage: That Samir is such a ridiculouse. Not only does he have no respect for women, but he also comes to college wearing clown's clothes.

Now if that's not a useful word, I dont know what is.

It's funny how I dont swear here.
I do in real life.
Yes, this blog is an illusion.

I know it's like totally unfashionable to say this, but Im still crazy about Friends. Even my dad has graduated from saying "Ay, what is this I say? Bunch of lunatics! Switch the bloody tv off!" to guffawing loudly and calling me downstairs to watch it with him every evening at seven. Its a nice little ritual we have now.
I find I am very much like Monica.

Im very obsessed with recording things. I feel very unsettled when I havent documented something that's happened to me. Im so afraid of forgetting. And FnA's extremely pathetic memory scares me all the more. I dont want to look back and think what did I do with all that time. I have to know that I used it all properly. Im so afraid of forgetting.

I dont put my heart out here much, do I? Most blogs read do. Not their own hearts of course, but their publisher's.

I do not wail about lost and unreturned loves here because, erm, that is just really not me.
I do not complain about feeling like shit. Much.
I do not lament about how things are not going my way.

I guess it's because Im not much the drama queen types. And Im generally a happy person. And while that does not mean Im singing soprano to little yellow canary birds perched on my fingers all day, it does mean that Im generally content.
But that also means that when Im sad, it really hits me. And I do not post about it here, because, well I just dont.
There are things I worry about. Usually I feel on top of the world, and like I can do anything, like my life will be just the way I want it to be, like I can conquer anything. And there are times I feel like nothing is going my way and I dont post about it because, well because.

I havent been too confessional diary-type personal this past year. And those are really the best blogs to read. Perhaps I shall be in the coming year.

An Oshsay I wanted to document. What is it? Oshsay number 10? Ah yes. Number 9. Saved in a draft. Here:

Oshsays IX- February 08

1. Osh: My toe thumb is paining.
2. Osh: What? If you can have a toenail, you can have a toethumb.
3. Snumsay: What'd she call it? Big toe finger?
4: Osh: They're all toe fingers.

Another draft: Conversation in an auto. (Some non-intelligence saved for posterity)

Tam, me, Shar and Osh on Shar's lap.

Destination: Hellhole
Time: Vairy late for psych seminar in Main Audi.

Shar: Osh. Totally creasing my kurta. Totally.
Osh: Deal with it.

Shar: With Osh on my lap and creasing my kurta, there is hardly any room for my bag. No space for my bag here AT all. Keep it behind munch? Let's not forget it ok? Remember.

*quiet for two minutes.
Shar gazes outside.
We hear humming from that corner of the auto.
She stares randomly at a couple of motorists.
She complains bitterly about a couple of motorists staring at her.*

Five minutes later.

Shar: SHIT, did I bring a bag?

Tam: *gasp*haha uhyuahyuahu haha*gasp*

We got there and you shoulda SEEN what a wretch IndustrialFellow was being. Did not let us in. And when we finally sneaked in (Poor Jay was elsewhere and left out), AbnormalLady accosted us. "Giwe me yuur roll numburs." Silence.

Whereupon I gave breaknumber and worried for ages that she'd catch me.

And that is a day in the life of MM.

Back to Lagoose and her birthday gift. (Dont throw a fit, this isnt ALL you will be getting)
My goose, here is a collage of all the ugliest pictures we have ever taken, for you.
On your 21st (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!) birthday.
Enjoy! And I lurve you much!

I dont know what that brown square in the bottom right corner is all about. It wasnt there when I made the collage. We shall think of it as "The future", yes? :)

Ok collage not uploading. I shall try later. Know it is there, that's enough. :)


Brian 'Curmudgeon' Polson said...

About time, what?

La said...

GOOSE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT! :D THANK YOU! Your post made me laugh :)

Daicub&Daicub said...

yay! finally!

I told you the mystery behind that Hi5 thingy na?! that bledy rascal... :)

And ya you ARE so much like Monica... Hmmm... when I say that all that comes to my mind is that episode where the gang goes crazy over having broken her favorite plate... you are remembering deer???

No Drama-queen-who-confesses-yucky-details for you deer!!! this is being perfect... next year or the next... :)

*gasp*haha uhyuahyuahu haha*gasp*
That made me laugh the most! haha

phew! does my comment match your post size by the way???

Wickedcookie said...

yes it does yakub. You are safely in that zone.
Ah a munchpost! So much fun! I also laughed at the Tamlaugh thing but the post made me mad. I gave my very real own number remember? Sigh, the stupidness of me.
59 days? AAARGH! *runs around in circles*

La said...

I do not get how people use yahoo mail either! I just went there and the place is annoying!

how do you pronounce convenient? I should have asked you when you came over... :P I always spell it as convinient before I realise it's actually convenient.... or do I? ok now I'm confused... I do not like you!

Ugh! I know! Motorola does suck! My mum has Motorola and it's impossible to use!

I miss Friends... :(

Where is my collage??? I know, I know you're waiting till I finally scan all your photos for you to give it me. That its not uploading is just an excuse... I know I know... :P

Rookie said...

Dear Person,
My blog URL has been changed from to due to technical difficulties. Please note the change. In hope of your continued correspondence,
I remain,
Yours faithfully,

MM said...

@Brian: Yes, time indeed! :)

@La: You better have loved it. :P kun-VEE-ni-unt.
Yes, it is time for a new phone. Ive sent you the collage. :P So there. :P

@Jay: yay! I like long comments! Why only plate breaking episode is coming to mind? When have I ever screamed at you for breaking a plate? :D Well Im not going to morph into a drama queen any time soon, so :). Tamlaugh no. Try it when you're home alone... it's very relaxing.

@Shar: Much less than 59 now munch. *watches as shar runs faster and faster*

@V: You've sent me that message twice :D Continued correspondence, of course! :D I will change the address in my blog roll. Till then, I too remain yours faithfully, MM.

@Lalitha: Where are you?? Read my blog!! *annoying whiny tone* :'(