Monday, January 5, 2009


The first memory that comes to mind is completely unrelated to the trip, it's third semester, we're sitting in class and we're deciding whether to go somewhere these hols or not, and suddenly I proclaim, "Hampi Jay, Hampi!" And there is a stunned silence, and then bursts of laughter, and I wished the floor would swallow me up.

Now of course, there are several other memories associated with the word. :) And I will list them all in a crude, ungainly fashion, because the best I can do at this point is copy down stuff I scribbled in my notebook at the time.
The best thing about the December hols was that Shru came down to visit and we decided on this last minute trip to Hampi which was fantastically blissful and now everytime I look at the pictures my heart flips and I want to go back again.

Bloody auto drivers.
Belts, scarves, bangles, dresses, colours, joy.
Osh walking into a bull.
Drunk shopkeeper with earrings. I cant believe we listened to him that long.
Isereli guy who tripped. Remember? Bahahahaha I still cant stop laughing at that. We're ridiculous, we are.
MM's monument
Bollywood Banana Groves.
Thw walking. And walking. And walking. And getting there.
The drunken sleepiness.
Furriners on cycles.
Content feeling in tummy auto rides.
Sleeping in. :D All of us.
Lady who asked for chocolate. Squirrels at the same place.
The Guide with Broken English.
Talking for hours and catching up on I want to say gossip, but I wont. :)
Droves of school children asking for our water bottles.
Dress shop man, hint, other lady two hours.
Funny scooter guys lake scream. (I really dont remember what that was all about.)

Awesome vacay. Here's to more. :) And here are some photos.

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