Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What the HAY???

I just found out that the MTV website has frickin "featured" my blog on it's "bloggers' belt"

What the? Nobody asked my permission! What the hell is going on? Dont they have to NOTIFY the bloggers at least before putting the darn thing up?

And what's all this about 106 views?? They havent showed up on my sitemeter. Whats the hay is happening here??

Tomorrow I call up HR of this MTV thing and talk to them about this. WHat the!!!

Here's the site

And there I am, number 5.

Arent they supposed to ask first? Or at least inform??
You cant just put up somene's site like that.

And bloody, MY site isnt getting any hits! They are! My blog opens under their website!! See that?? Look at the URL!!

How can they do that?!

*is very affronted*


a million different people said...

Wow. This is only bitter, not bittersweet?

La said...

Well they should have asked don't you think??? I think it's flattering (and MM deserves it) but they really should have asked.

MM said...

@The Many People in One Person person:
1. they didnt ask.
2. they're getting all the hits. (Minting from them most likely.)
3. they're RATING the blog.

This I no likey.

Sweet Im guessing will come later, when I'm feeling thankful for all the hits Im (not) getting and feeling proud that my blog got featured on... ooo wait for it... the MTV website.

But I did come across quite a few interesting blogs because of this, so there is some sweet to it all. :)

Initial reaction, was all bitter, Im afraid, yes.

MM said...

Ah, la. Ever the faithful friend, my plumcake. :)
It's not a question of deserving or anything. This was all just random picking by MTV methinks. :)

Vaccinated Tarantula - II said...

Unbelievable!!!! Looks like Darpan was only the beginning.

La said...

random picking??? rubbish! See, goose, I know how much fun it is to read your blog. You can't tell because it's yours. You have no argument. :P

MM said...

@Shoelace Spiderdude: Har har very funny.

No, you can just submit your blog for it to get featured. I DIDNT though. Who did? Im having this sinking feeling that it was YOU. Was it gooseness? :D Out with it!

La said...

me?? good lord! I wish it was! such a great idea it is! :D but alas! it wasn't me. :( I had no idea at all that you can do such things...

Lalitha said...

Hmmm intresting. is it good is it bad is it just plain scary!!! hmmmm i is very confused! are they rating our comments! :( GO AWAY RANDOM PEOPLES DONT BE RATING ME!!! SHOOO SCAT!!! BAD MTV BAAAAD MTV!!! SIT SIT STAY!!!
aaaah i feel better now! [:D]

Lalitha said...

o and since you are on MTV now and all i just wanted to remind you that when you become a super hero (fyi:little bloggers grow up to become super heros) remember you were on my favorite list before MTV put you on theirs!

MM said...

@Lalitha: Yay! Now I is all warm and cuddly inside! I is, I is! :) And you is always been on my favourite list (although you is not having any blog, and whose fault is that :P)! Virtual hugs and goodies is flyings to ye!

All this talk is reminds me of the BFG. :)

And La asked me to comment back here and shoo you away from my blog and towards hers... her story is finally complete! :)

Oh!!! But you come back here when you're done!! *pouts*