Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm 20

Its true. I turned a non teenager on the 16th of April. What made my birthday this year special: (Warning: Mushy post ahead.)

Osh calling five minutes before midnight to be the first to wish me.

Snum the second. She was also the last. :)

Taru calling and playing me a three minute birthday song as soon as I picked up. :) hehehe

The gazillion calls and messages. Thanks everyone. :) :)

All the money I got from my aunts. Yeah baby! And the other gifts they gave me... sweethearts. :)

Birthday lunch and silly fun with classmates.

The Only Place. Ghost Stories. The Hand. Ebony sofas.
Taika. No Effect. Iranian Black Jacket Twin. Awkward dancing jack lookalike. Even "The party's over here..." :D

Getting lost. Knocking on doors. Talking. Making beds.

20 Feet High. Pleasant banter. Reliving old times with people I share such a strong bond with. :) Springy stepped, the Champ, FnA. :) :)

FnA and myself. Our crazy fun. Our night out. :D Our ghost pictures. Our talk about all things trivial. Our talk about all things serious. Staying up till 2.30am. I keep saying this, but words just don't do it. :)

Meeting Bestest. Being silly with Bestest. Having Bestest take uninteresting videos of me in public. Getting asked for an autograph in Gandi Bazaar when with Bestest (?? :D)

And of course my awesome gifts that made me cry. (sob!) They were so thoughtful! Brightened my day! Loved them. So much that I had to take photos of them, strange person that I am. I love you guys. :) Muahs to you all.

Bestest's: Turtle earrings (because I lost one of my old pair), wooden necklace, beautiful hand made bag, the colour xerox of the memory, the lovely lovely letter and the Goose Pillow. :) Hugs and hugs! Loved it all! Muah!

Osh's! The lovely kurta:And that little tin dabba encased a :) Beethoven

and the card I so LOVED! Thanks Munch! Muah!! :) :)Jay's. That he fretted over unnecessarily. Loved the deer card, and the beautiful shawl. :) Perfect colour, perfect everything. Thank yous jay. Muah! :) :)Snum's! LOVED it. The wallet with her photo in it, the confetti and everything. :)The card made me laugh! hahaha!And the beautiful personalised wrapping paper! Thanks ma Munch! Muah!! :) :)

And now that i have gushed enough, I take leave of you. Goodbye.

*end of mushy post*


Lalitha said...

Uuuuh.... Happy Birthday! Live long and prosper! Always cut an apple before you eat it in case of bugs, never miss an oppurtunity to pretend you are 2 years old, try everything once. :D Will it do???
P.S Keep the blog alive

La said...

:) Nice birthday, no?

MM said...

Thanks for all the advice! I'll really put it into practice, especially the bit about the apple. :)

Yes, keeping it alive. Keeping it. :)

Yes very! :)