Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Update

Bits written hurriedly over May. ____________________________________________________________________

There were so many times I remember Osh saying to me this month amidst much laughter... "Man, that's something that we HAVE to put on our blogs."
But none can I remember.
Was it about the Sharudog at Javacity?
Was it about what a pain Circle was being yet again?
Was it about going to the hospital for your arm, munch?
Was it about the waiter at Lazio?
So much more, I remember there was! I cant remember what. :|

Ok the modelling thing. Im so tired of telling the story, I cannot tell you. Bottom line is, I went to an ad shoot as an intern to see how the whole thing goes, but ended up being shot for a bill board poster for Bosch Car Service. Photographer said I had a "very fresh face" (I wonder if he knows what he's talking about.)
It was a nice experience, the make up and limelight in the studio and the sound of the camera clicking. Nice feeling. And everyone was supremely sweet.
Actress Sanjana was also shot, and the clients will choose which they like better. I hope to God they dont pick mine, I dont think I want my face splashed around Bangalore, although since I've already signed the model release papers I dont think i have much of a say in it now. :|

Shopping shopping... Oh how I lurves the shopping. Yay! *does happy dance*

The weekend before last was supposed to be spent elsewhere, but that didnt happen. So instead we spent it at the Dungeon. I have grown used to the Dungeon. It has become a sort of second home for me and Snum. Osh of course, lives there permanently. Snum and Osh are fun people to have around when you're in a dungeon. :)

Cant sleep? Watch Chapter 27. Worked on Osh and Snum like a charm.

Osh lent me She's the Man with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum (said in annoying high pitched voice) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Snum and Osh have been going on and on about this guy for the past month or so and until I watched the movie I was under the impression that they were cooing about a 'Shining Tater'. :| Naturally I just ignored them.
But now I know what all the fuss is about. *sigh*

This has been a month of those anonymous calls and messages. Today someone called and spoke to me in kannada.
The dude is like in a professional voice and all: Hello. Yes, its me. You wrote your number on my hand in the bus yesterday? *waits for me to continue*
You'll excuse me for being confused, I woke up to the call and was still a bit morning dazed. So I spent a moment trying to remember if I had in fact been on a bus yesterday and written my number on someone's hand. When my brain confirmed that I most certainly hadnt, I realised this guy was a bit of a goof and hung up.

And dont you hate the anonymous messages? They really irk the living daylights out of me. And I've been getting a surplus of those anonymous messages lately for some reason.
Anon: hiiiiiiii!

Me: Hi. Im sorry, dont have your number stored

Anon: Ay.... GESSSSSS huuuu????

Me: I told you, I dont know. Tell me, I'll store your number.

And even 20 messages later-

Anon: No no Uuu GESSSS

At least if they were intelligent or worded well they'd be bearable. But no. Half the time it's some crazy freak, and the other half its one of your annoying friends playing a trick on you. I'd ignore or be rude back to them, if only I weren't afraid that it might be some acquaintance that I'll totally offend. But all I want to say is blah. I dont care. You're a waste of my effing currency.

I was taking to Taru the other day about how I havent gotten over death yet, but all these med students have. They've gotten accustomed to it. Desensitised. Speak of it in a fairly cavalier manner. I cant. Read his post Mountains in the Clouds.

Taru can also talk of bowel movements with friends without cringing. He's on the path to becoming one helluva great doctor. :)

And also, I finally SAID what I needed to say.


Lalitha said...

i hope u get picked so i can say i know a model. i think its the guy from the are not supposed to be desensitized to are supposed to be repeatedly tramatized by it and "fight fight till the end is near".

PS said...

You finally SAID what?

La said...

did u get paid for modelling??

and do u know ur completely unreachable? worse even than me, I think, and that's bad!

what's happening there, in far away L? I wish you were here instead... :(

both our blogs are dead, have u noticed?

You know, I clearly remember leaving a comment here, except it isn't there! I'm thinking, maybe my internet died just as I published and it never made it. Stupid !@$£& internet!