Friday, March 14, 2008

17 Second Conversation

Today, Birds' Park, me Osh and The Other MM, dying a slow slow death.
We made so many calls I kind of really did not care after a certain point.
In fact I found it difficult not to burst out laughing while this one was going on.

Me: Hello, is it SoandSo of SoandSo Ad Agency?
RudeDude: Yes.
Me: Hi, my name is MM and Im a second year Media Studies Student from Christ College. We're looking for internships over the summer, and we were wonde...
RudeDude: No.
Me: Sorry? We were wondering if we could set up a meeti...
RudeDude: No.
Me: No internships available at all? One slot, two slots? Anythi...
RudeDude: No.
Me: You're sure. You dont even want to meet us. Take a look at our resumes? Have a small chat perhaps?
RudeDude: No.
Me: Thanks, thats nice of you. Have a good day.

Other MM: That was quick.
Me: 17 seconds.
Osh: We could set a record for most number of rejections in an hour.

It is a trying time, this end sem period.


La said...

heheheh! funny... :D

except that it happened to you of course. god it must be hard! poor goose...

Lost-Lawyer said...

trust me its actually better than saying....."hello agency/firm, i personally know the, would you be kind enuf to put me up fer an internship at yer law firm?"

MM said...

@La: It WAS hard. Depresses the bleeding hell out of me every February.
But I got an internship! Yay! Finally! At Saatchi and Saatchi no less!!
Yay, in the Creative Department! Hurray! *dances*

@Lost Lawyer:
Difficult to get are they, law internships? I'd love to personally know a few MDs myself. :D
Do I know you? I cant reach your blogger profile.