Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Important Notice

This is for unfortunate people such as a ahem certain, friend of mine ahem ahem, who has been continually (monthly) swindled for two years because she just didn't know any better.

IF you
1. have a post paid connection,
2. are a college student,
3. are blissfully unaware of these things they call schemes (or was it plans?) that are existant,

Well listen to this.

You can get a hundred smses a day, FREE, and Rs 50 talktime free aswell, if you adopt a certain plan that you can ask any shopkeeper with a red and white banner accross his shop, about.

My friend ahem, is much obliged. As, I'm sure, are you.

1 comment:

La said...

HE HE HE... hello. i'm 'scrapping' you back... which means i have nothing to say and i'm doing this only because i'm incredibly bored... yes, yes, i know... why don't i write to you? well, you see, i have nothing to say. my internals are over! and... and... sigh... i'm really happy about it. 'scrap' me back some nonsense. i'm incredibly bored. have you noticed how incredibly is my new favourite adjective?? it just comes out of my mouth and seems so appropriate for everything. i'm going to stop now. c'ya!