Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What do you do when there's a lizard in your bathtub?

I've got:
Run screaming.

Any other ideas?

I tried throwing it a rope. (Literally. The plug with a chain attached the top of the bath, so that it could climb it and escape.)
It refused to pay any attention.

I tried throwing it a towel. (So that it could hop on, and I'd carry the towel out of the tub to safety.)
It gave me a distasteful expression and scampered off to the other end of the bathtub.

I tried nudging it with a long pole. (Because I was tired and had run out of options.)
It struggled to climb out from all four sides but just kept sliding down each side again.

I just left it there, finally. But how'd it get there in the first place? (Ok, it fell in.)
But how do we get it out? How I ask you? I know I shouldn't be caring enough to make it my first post of 2010, but I need to know!

Plus it's tiring to talk about the bigger things. Which I will, later.
Much later.

In the city of Mumbai, for which I am leaving tonight. Bye bye Bangalore.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAGOOSE! You mean the world to me! In fact you mean enough that I dedicate this, my lizard post to you.
It doesn't get deeper than this folks, friendship! Doesn't, nosireebob. Now I must take leave of you to blow my nose. Excuse me. So long and goodnight and then something about fish.


Brendan said...

Thanks for listening...!

much love,

La said...

hahah! goose! thank god I like lizards or I would be properly insulted :D

yes its a bit hard trying to get a lizard out of a bathtub. I had a hard enough time trying to get it out of the shower. silly things. I tried nicely lifting it out on a piece of paper but it scampered terrifiedly (apparently that's not a word...) about the place so much I had to resort to just lifting it out very quickly and almost flinging it out.

Rookie said...

Calcium Carbonate. That's the answer.

La said...

calcium carbonate?

MM said...

No. Tell dad, who tuts at you and then uses the pole idea more effectively.

MM said...

That's the answer.

Rookie said...

Calcium carbonate goes right into their heads and gives them a mad high. They'll do stunts that'll put Spider-man to shame.

MM said...

Yeah, but I dont want him performing acrobatics, I just want him out of my bathtub! :)

Aditi said...

Lizards in the bathroom!Worst of the worst!I had one in my bathroom and I freak out if I see a lizard in the house and I had an exam the next day.So what do I do?Stop studying and stare at it,you know,I have to know exactly where it is.Coz once it fell on me from the top of the fan when I switched it on.
I sprayed Mortein on it and I thought it died.But it hadn't.It fell into a bucket and I took the bucket out.It was upside-down in the bucket so it wasn't moving.That's why I thought it was dead.But when I ulta-fied the bucket,the lizard also ulta-fied and it was reborn.And I ran from there.I left the bucket outside my house and went to give the exam that I absolutely hadn't studied for-thanks to that stupid creature!