Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oshsays VII- Glasses

Snum has to get glasses.
:'( I know! But she'll still look nice, I'm sure.

So Osh and I are walking down to the gate and Snum's wailing over the phone about her glasses news.
I mention to Osh whats going on.

What she says next astounds me.

"Eleven grand ya. They're gonna cost eleven grand."

I stare at her with disbelief written right accross my forehead. She continues.

"Cheapest. Cheapest you'll get is that."

More staring. Snum wails in the background.

"The glasses. Thats whats expensive. More than the frames."


"Really. Im being serious. I wear glasses no? Eleven grand. Minimum."

I begin to think that people with glasses must be really rich.
Osh is getting really ridiculous now, and I mention to Snum whats going on. I wait while she stares in disbelief.
I decide to get Osh to explain.

"The actual glass part will cost you around 600. And the frames will be 500."

Apparently, thats eleven grand.

Note to Self: Dont ever accept financial advice from Osh.

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