Friday, July 27, 2007

10 minutes

Ten minutes is NEVER ten minutes. Ever.
It isnt.
No one actually means it when they say it.
What they actually mean is "In an hour, loser" or "In however long it takes me to get ready, git."
That's what 10 minutes is code for.

Now you know.


La said...

god, I know! It's annoying, isn't it?

Lalitha said...

well actually its the 1 minute that annoys me! 1 minute is or the "we'll be there in 15" hate that

PS said...

I was right about the number, wasn't I? :)

And I take it that you were particularly annoyed at a certain instance of the 10 minutes? :)

MM said...

@La: Terribly. I do it often, Im ashamed to say. :(

@Lalitha: Yes! They're both annoying too! :D

@PS: You were right. :)
Actually, I was the one doing the 10 minute routine that day. I know how irritating it is though... urgh.