Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stop this Train

John Mayer. Nice, very nice. Rather apt, and stuck in my head.

More of a diary type post, this one.

There are so many things going on, I havent even had the time to speak to Bestest properly. And that feels so wrong. Like she said, "It feels like my life isn't being recorded properly if I haven't told you what's been happening." And I feel the same way. There is such a backlog goose. I don't even know where to begin. But I will. :)

I dont know if Ive said this before, but Im so afraid of forgetting.
So I thought I'd do a little recording here first and get everything up to date so those grandkids of mine know what's been happening. (Which grandkids?)

Ok so first. I am really happy.
Like yay. Isn't that wonderful. Because like end of April I was all Wow. So what is happening with my life and all. No more college. No more routine. No idea what to do next. And it was all a bit confusing for a while.
But now, now I love my life. Things could not be better.

And Ive noticed that I write a lot when Im not so thrilled with things, you know. It's therapeutic for me to write when Im unhappy about things. I was just telling goose about how in our Chain of Letters, most are about the troubled times. :D We write when we're upset. It makes us feel better definitely. But that means the happy times arent recorded enough.

When we're happy, we dont say it. Are we afraid of jinxing it? Are we too busy enjoying it? I dont know. Whatever it is, it isnt worth it. From now on, I am going to say it when I feel it.

I am happy. :)


I'm falling in love with The Office again. Steve Carrel is HILARIOUS. Jim and Pam. Jim and Pam. Sigh. I am downloading, at snail's pace, four seasons of The Office, US version. Please, if anyone has them, be a dear, give them to me and spare me the trauma.

I'm also falling in love with my office.
I love Orchard. I really do. It's just like college but better. There's always music playing, movie-watching and loud laughter during the day. Cool art directors. Awesome Mentor. Lovely Lady from client servicing. And of course, the Cretarded Gang. Oh it's just so much fun! There will be another post on this lovefest. Soon. :)

TheBaldMan has introduced me to some good music apart from being great company. Fellow YouTuber (tuber, haha!) has introduced me to some darn funny shit on youtube. Hahaha good stuff. :) StupidityShetty (far from stupid she is, but it has such a nice ring to it!) has taught me much about life. And Vindictive Slapper Woman has not taught me anything, but her slaps are awesome! *nurses red knuckles*

Graduation Day on May 30. The lovely wine coloured saree that Tata insisted I buy as a gift from him. Meeting Oshmunch's family. :) I sat through a horribly boring ceremony that impressed our parents a great deal (We are too used to the splendour of Christ College Auditorium functions). 30 people on stage wearing the grad robes and hats and a lot of solemn speeches and prayer and the like. Good stuff. Good stuff. I managed not to puke on some of the puke inducing elements of our class. (Difficult. They were right in front of me.) I managed not to trip while collecting my graduation certificate. All in all eventful, spent with the people I care about, and a nice way to close the three years. :)

Back from Manipal with Oshmunch. The bus journey was a mini wonderla. Met Sameeksha our senior there and hung out. It was a leetle dead there because the students are all home. There was one diluted Transit sort of place that we went where I was conned by the Subway man into taking double helpings, and got myself a nice little stomach ache before the interview. And it rained the ENTIRE time. Met some really nice people who came along for the interview though. That was heartening.

We went in for the GD, and it's sad to admit, but after coming out we realised not ONE of us knew what the topic was about. Argh. Except none of us knew that none of the others knew what the topic was about either. This is the mark of a good media person. :|

I used to be extremely bad at this, you know. If I dont know about something, I CANNOT fake it and convince people that I do. And yabber on sounding intelligent. If Im sure about something, I can speak about it. If I dont I usually keep mum. But I asked Annu, and she said she didnt know that I didnt know, so I must be getting better at it. :| Yay.

The interview process took a whole day and I was last in on the stress interview and by then I was so tired that nothing that they said fazed me. Even scary joint director who kept bulleting out questions. Where is Thimpu? Should India sign the NPT? What is it about humans that you hate? After the Tata Nano, what is the next project they're coming out with? Are you religious? Name one quality in your father that you dont like. Name two cities in Nagaland. What are your views on smoking and drinking? pat pat pat pat.
And the lady who was all:
You are last today. Every one must be talking about the questions.
Yes they have been.
So you already know all the questions do you?
Yeah. Kind of.
*shocked look*
Anyway, I was unfazed throughout, due to the zombification brought about by the incessant waiting. Which was good I think, because I've been accepted. And they've said Rank: 2 whatever that means. So awesome.

Many trips to the BU with Oshmunch. Well, two. But they were fun. BU cows. We noticed a severe change in attitude from the time we were in salwars (visit 1) to the time we were in jeans (visit 2). Anyway, our migration certificates are with us at last! Hurray! And Breakthrough also, happened today. *pats self on back*

We just realised that all of us are going to be leaving soon. Things wont be the same. No more heading to Sweet Chariot whenever we're starving and grumbling at the fat mustached waiter for taking so long. No more Forum for a movie, "no way are we going to eat that unhealthy McD stuff, oh well what the hell, lets." No more waiting outside the pg in the dark at night, getting eaten by mosquitos because we're two minutes past curfew. I didnt live there, but sometimes it felt like I did. And I will miss Babu Bhaiya's food.

A chapter is closing.

Ah well, it hasnt all ended yet. Tomorrow lunch with the girls, back to work in the afternoon and then a sleepover at the Other MM's.
Did I mention that I love my life? :) :)