Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Things We Heard in Class, Noted down, Giggled Madly Over, and Almost got Thrown Out because of.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our teachers. Awesome young happening bunch. But sometimes they say things that make for great giggling over. :)

In Abnormal Psychology Class:

1. This leads to self mutilation by own-self

2. We ave to DIAGNASE the indi-u-jial.

3. There are many Personality Disordered People.

4. It is EYELY suspicious

5. Nature and Naature (Nature and nurture)

6. The environament starts to mowlds them.

7. Don’t be voverprotectiwe.

8. Yeny koshuns? (Any questions?)

9. Whizz-man! (Weisman)

10. In the Mix-id type of skisofreenia…

11. How can we define pd as? Where does it stand from?

In Industrial Psychology Class:

1. Does they the five of them have understood?

2. And the third peoples are…

3. They don’t want to, they just want to want to handle stress. (I swear)

4. A soothing background musics.

5. Stress do have effects.

6. If I doesn’t consult you, you will find it difficult.

7. That’s the end up with problems.

In Advertising Class:

1. Now we will have a small Iktivity

2. Jernal avhereness (general awareness)

3. Which arsepect you did not understand?

4. The vale-you and stettegy must be anal-ised.

5. The colour is blew. Your topic is glew. (blue. glue.)

6. The edjetive (objective?? adjective??)

7. siss (since)

8. He don’t know how to make lassi. So the machine become lassi maker.

9. Sandya would you get up off out of your place? (to sadhana)

10. ek-chu-lee (actually)

11. choozen (chosen)

12. mount-ayn

13. empisis

14. What are you been doing?

15. Pliss circle one, four and ahleven.

And lastly, in that horrible horrible Sanskrit class that I was STUCK in for two years where the Gormless Lady MUTILATED the English language and massacred some Sanskrit as well:

1. Instead of saying “Tulsi is a plant.”, she goes:

Tulsi is the one, that is going to be the one, that is going to be a plant.

(all said veeeeery slowly. I died a little every time I attended that class.)

2. If I will be letting you to present you var project, then you will be never be understanding thee yimportance of disceepleene. Therefore I will be going to be giving you all zero marks wonly.

(This incident raised many a bp level. Was I ever glad after second year.)

Sigh. I'mna miss these days though.