Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's 8.40 am

And I'm in at work.

Such a diligent child, you say, wiping away a tear. But no. It's only because my flight (Indigo -On Time, Every time) landed at 7.37am on the DOT and I had to come in straight to the office.
Morning flights are a bitch. I was dazed the entire journey. Ah sleep you are an elusive friend.

So I'm just back from Bangalore, where I went to sign some papers over the weekend, but it turned out to be a longer trip because of the Monday BJP bandh and stuff. Four days. Not enough, not enough for anything.
But it was so nice, being picked up from the office by surprise and being dropped to the airport like that. Best thing ever. :)

The neices and nephews have grown I must say. Otherwise home remains home, as it was, as it always will be. Bangalore has lovely weather right now and I did manage to do the whole koramangala, shopping, have lunch at Friends Cafe, feel angry at grumpy waiters and disappointed that the food is never as good as it was last time thing. But I didn't get to meet FnA, Jay (Get better soon deer!), Other MM and so many people. :(
Four days is two short. Six would have been perfect. (hahaha, I joke.)
But oh well. I will stop griping and be thankful that at least had that, and that it was a nice sudden out of the blue thing.

I did get to say bye to Lagoose and Sne though, before they become their LA versions and turn into them forever, and that I'm really happy about. We talked and laughed and recorded Doggy No, and shopped for dresses(!!) [ Sidenote: Btw Oasis mall is really awesome. I bought some really funky shoes there] and went to Raghoos after forever. Raghoos is a really South Indian place even though they serve the best Italian food in Bangalore. We know this because of the neat Rangoli patterns outside, and the fact that the waiters with teeth gritted, very politely request you to move to a back table if you are a bunch of four people making a slight ruckus. I told the geese about my idea, and it was an awesome two days. And although we never really ever say bye, it was a lovely way to. I will miss you guys :( except I wont have to because you're right there. Right? :)

And now I'm back in beautiful Mumbai. (she says, during the rainy season.)

About the whole work scene in a nutshell: My work timings are 9.30 to 6, I'm a copywriter, I love the workplace, the people here are awesome :D, the dabbawala is quite a character- something you look for in every job, we have amazing clients (P&G, Hindware, LG, Levis) and I have the best boss ever, so things are looking pretty good right now on that front.

I sit here waiting for my lazy partner in crime, Zwikie, to make an appearance. She has the keys to my drawer, since I left on Friday in a rush. I forgot my battery charger here, so she locked it up and kept the keys to prevent any chance of robbery. Also in the drawer is Rebecca! My stuffed ladybug. Zwikie is jealous of Rebecca. Rebecca is the sunshine of the office.

I'm also reading all the mail I've missed from yesterday. A lot of it is the chain mail the four of us who first joined this company have. Two have left and parted ways, but our Woes of First Joining Work mail continues. It is SO much fun.

After that, I will read Shantaram. I'm loving it. It's been ages since I was properly lost in a book. I bought it at Crossword with the voucher we won at the Nasik training programme at Taj that my office took us to in May.

I have a cold, but only in ONE nostril. Does this happen often? I think God is trying to be kind to me.

And that is the end of this extremely boring post. I had funner things to say, I don't remember what they were. Possibly because I'm half asleep. But don't worry I'll say them soon. For now just take this post for the sake of a post. :)


vishy said...

interesting :)

Zwikie said...

I think I deserve more footage/space in this post. I am the reason for all your happiness at work!

you don't have to say funny things because what you did in the morning was beyond cool. A conversation with frog deserves an applause :D

Nil said...

:)It was a very fun four days..And I'm glad v never said bye..Yes we are right here! V aren't going anywhere, not really..:)

La said...

nope, we're not :) but four days is too less, goose. :(

one-nostril cold? yeah that happens to me. heehee... god's being nice to you... heehee

don't give up on the plan goose.

I said...

You should write more often :) Do you tweet?