Monday, December 6, 2010

Guess who's back

Tell a friend.

So let me start by regaling you with the tale of the 300 year-old cabbie. Because that's what this blog's all about, isn't it?

I had the gross misfortune of journeying in his cab this morning. He refused to take me at first. I should have just walked on, but lately I have taken to questioning any cabbie-refusals with a "Kyun? Phir kyun poocha?" (by which I mean, Why? Then why did you ask me where I wanted to go?) My Hindi is still horrific, if anyone would like to tell me how I can make this dialogue more effective (read correct), please do.

And then I shout at them in the middle of the road.

This usually works.
As you can imagine.
If it does not, I take his number down, and tattle to the Traffic Police on their website.

I've become such a ray of sunshine since you saw me last, haven't I?

So this man. Daft as a coot. Dafter, if possible.
The driver of the Knight bus in the third HP movie. Same glasses, hair, driving skills. Just the mumbai cabbie version. Our conversation:

"Mahalakshmi se right lena hai na?"
"Nahi bhaiyya, straight jana hai"
"Ha ha. Right jana hai. Pata hai"
"Ha ha beta. Malum hai. Mahalakshmi se na, right leke, seeda worli jayenge."

Oh, and his reaction times. Alarmingly slow. This pedestrian has happily jaunted across the road and is already walking on the other side towards Mc Donald's. FIFTEEN seconds later, our driver wakes up and brakes furiously, yelling a volley of curses at the long-gone gentleman and the wide-eyed child who's been observing the incident. The bus behind us brakes just in time. Nobody dies, life goes on.

When we parted ways he said:
"Mere paas dus rupai ka change nahin hai" (while waving a 10 rupee note in the air)

Scary thing is though, he knew all the traffic cops we passed. Good thing I didn't complain on the website.

He was actually taking me to this place where I volunteer every Tuesday morning before work. It's a Slum School run by this NGO called Muktangan. Got there in one piece, thankfully. 9 to 9.45, I take the Library hour for a group of seven year-olds. It's not changing the world, but it's something.

Recent events for documenting purposes:
XIC reunion, classmates and the Girls. Fun fun. More soon.
The AA night for which I was almost kicked out of my PG, which was most definitely worth it.
Coping, not panicking.
Divya Sooch Himanshu outings have become a regular, that I love.
Blore break-
The break up.
And I think that takes care of Oct- Nov. Now I just have Jan-Sept to document. :/

Okay. what I really wanted to blog about, was this project I'm taking part in.

It's called "The Sketchbook Project" and it's run by the Art House co op.

Basically, they send you a sketchbook with a topic and a bar-code, you fill it up and send it back to them, and they exhibit it in galleries and museums in 5 different cities across the US.

It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.

Every time your book is viewed, you receive an e-mail or a text message alerting you what city it was viewed in and the first name of the person browsing through it.

After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.
28787 artists from 94 countries around the world are participating. The tour starts February, 2011

My topic is Help!
I've tweaked it around, to be:
In everyday situations.

So I'll be putting the stuff that I do up, and linking to other sketchbook progresses that I'm loving.

Oh, by the way, I sketch nowadays. I love it. It's such a new creative outlet. I love having colour, and art, around me. That was the thing I loved best about Amsterdam. (The office sent me, but more about that later.)

And I can't tell you how much I am living through this project.
This is the stuff I want to do with my life.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011


Rookie said...

Its alive! Its alive!

Yashad said...

Such a refreshing change to see you Finally update the blog! :) MM is back and with a sunny bang! :)

MM said...

@Rookie: Yes! And you are too! I read about your terrible Kerala experience.

MM said...

@Yashad: A sunny bang? I like that :)

daicub&daicub said...

yesss...sss...! \m/ (ok, ignore the 'sss'es deer... I'll explain later ;P) but... you're back!!!

now I can read and re-read your posts with the reassurance that you'd be writing more! (as opposed to the sad mood that you've not been doing so for so long):)

MM said...

Yes! It feels good to blog again :)

arun said...

Glad that yo back!! :D.

Like I said, it should have been "Phir poocha hi kyun?" with the "kyun" hitting a very high note :P.

I cannot even begin to tell you about how much I am looking forward to see your sketches... It would be a much needed break for this very tired automotive engineer...Btw Talking of sketchbooks, I did check out that link..They look strikingly similar to the one I gave you on your birthday..with the stand n all :). Have u filled up the book already? U know where to buy 'em in bangalore rite??:)

Ramya said...

Ohhh...the sketchbook project sounds like so much super fun. So now you are an international with your touring across the US! How awesome is that!

And you know, I'm sure Mumbai cabbies are better than Blore autowallahs.

MM said...

@Arun: :) I can't wait to put the sketches up! But they aren't ready yet. The paper in these books they've sent us is really thin, not like the hand-made paper in the book you gave me. I'm using it fro office work ideas and stuff now. I don't remember, where was that shop again?

MM said...

@Ramya! It IS super fun :)
You are right. Mumbai cabbies are really sweet generally, and you can have great conversations with them (even if in broken Hindi)

I'm loving your blog! :)

arun said...

Hey Madhu!!

The shop is called itsybitsy... Near BDA complex, U should check that place out. It is soooo made for u :)

Ask ur mom to ship stuff :)

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