Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He-Man has left the Building

It's all very sad. But what can you do. He's blazing off to the UK, to bigger, brighter dreams.

I will miss the after lunch walks for his lunch-break cigarette, and his benign "Heh?"s in response to nail polish discussions (and mostly anything else we said). But most importantly, I will miss his lunch, which I polished off everyday for two months without his permission (Take pity on this poor home-food starved MM). Sigh.

He did send us this beautiful e-mail before leaving:

Dear friends,

I have finally conceded to the treat idea.

It would be my pleasure, nay, HONOUR to treat you all, Sweet Shuchi, Darling Divya and Marvellous Madhu, to a wonderful dinner at The Tasting Room/ Spaghetti Kitchen/ any other place that would blow a hole in my wallet.

Date: 13. 12. 2010

Venue: Your choice

Time: 7pm onwards

I take this opportunity to extend a hearty invitation to you all. Truly, I have realised your worth now, only as I am leaving. The buckets of tears I have cried upon this realisation are stored in my bathroom at home, to remind me of what I am leaving behind.

I also request you to each pick up one item from any of the stores in Palladium (preferably the more expensive ones like Zara etc), as a personal gift from me, simply for being the amazing people that you are.

Spending time with you has brought me much happiness.

Hugs and fond tears,
After a heart-string tugger of an e-mail like that, well, you gotta forgive him for leaving. He's gotten a bit cheesy in places, (Marvellous Madhu? Buckets of tears? seriously?), but the gist, on the whole, was very satisfactory.

(Disclaimer: The fact that we have access to He-Man's web-mail should not raise the slightest of suspicions regarding the authenticity of this e-mail. We are not like that.)

So Spaghetti Kitchen it was, where we bid him a fond farewell, with, well, not tears, as would have been more appropriate, but with uncontrollable laughter about the White Fang incident, (really not appropriate) and about the humble beginnings of Himanshu Marketing Pvt Ltd.

He-Man really did blow a hole in his wallet, this post is mainly to thank him for that. All that sangria and other expensive stuff was worth it! Wasn't it, Himanshu, wasn't it? Doesn't this post make it all worthwhile?

Yum Yus imitations, McD, the Umbrella man, lassi, chai. Watching Eat Pray Love and weird Switch movies. :D Manchester United Cafe, Comedy Club, Movenpick. Getting lost in the parking at Phoenix.

He Man, we well miss you and your lovely red car!
And I already know what your reaction to this post will be: "Kuch Bhi." :P :)


J said...

in true me style... kuch bhi :P

but then again awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

yea this makes it worth all the big holes in my wallet :P

should i dare say... you are welcome

MM said...

Awww, you said awwww!
Success. :)

J said...



The Iron Butterfly said...

Ya...he-man.......we will remember all ur promises to invite us for dinners in UK and etc....

But seriously....missing u.... :(

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