Friday, December 10, 2010

Mango Nails

are the result of that shopping spree.

That, and these:

Three girls after a long day's work + an empty mall after closing time= lots of entertainment for the cctv cameras.

I can't figure out whether my nails are utterly hideous or refreshingly funky.
I'm living on the edge here.

Adi came to visit us at work yesterday. He missed us so intensely, that he just had to come and see us, before he died from the pain of it all. Oh, and also he had to collect some documents from HR :P Confused about my nail polish, I decided to get Adi's perspective.
The verdict: "You joined Shiv Sena or what?"

After that delicate response, of COURSE, I will mention here that Adi is afraid of butterflies. I have linked this to his FB profile, in order to further embarrass him.

I feel more like Nickelodeon than Shiv Sena. Which is good thing when you are having to write banking letters. My job has only recently started being this hideous. It is just a phase. (I keep telling myself)
I will continue to be girly in this post by telling you about the perfume I bought yesterday.

Nina by Nina Ricci.
The bottle looks like an apple. The bottle is half the buy. Really. I am fascinated with perfume bottles.

While buying perfume, one needs to be quite shameless, in order to strike a good deal, asking shop attendants "What can you give me with this?" (freebies, of course)
When they show you something- anything- whatever it is, wrinkle your nose, and say:"Is that all?"
Whereupon they will fall all over themselves to give you more bags and vials and free perfume and such. That's just how it's done. *shrugs shoulders nonchalantly*

Sooch, Divz and I were talking about how perfumes transport you back to the time you used to wear them. A whiff of something familiar, and you're suddenly in a different world altogether. A world that your life used to be.

Before Nina, there was

Weekend by Burberry
(which ironically, was my starting-to-work perfume) and
Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo (which I used for quite a while and reminds me of a host of wonderful things.)

I only hope that Nina Ricci won't remind me of all the banking letters.

Mita just caught me at the printer and said "Wow, what is that heavenly smell?" Yay. Makes it all worthwhile.
Smelling good with Nickelodeon nails. I'm sorted.

This song is stuck in my head after a long time. I've been playing it on loop and listening to it while I sleep. I've been having the most fantastic dreams because of it, and I find it very difficult to wake myself out of them.


These are artists from the Sketchbook Project. Having a look their work really helped me get started.

With my topic, 'Help': The Monster Book
I LOVE this stuff! His illustrations are so detailed and disturbing. In a good way.

Make Mine a Double. I love the idea, it's simple and effective. Love it.

The view from up here. You have to check this out. I love the concept. And the execution!

You'd be home by now.
Ah, whimsy! I love.

Science Project Gone Wrong.
Bev's lovely work... First blog that I saw :)

There are lots more, that you can check out on the Art House Co op Site.

Such inspiration. I'd better get a move on with mine.


daicub&daicub said...

So true about the smells deer! For me it's something less fancy though :P - Axe Click, Pulse and Chocolate being on the top... different (good) times in coll :))

and yes! you're getting better with the jumps ;) AND, your next post HAS to have at least a few of your sketches deer! the suspense is killing many I'm sure!

Ramya said...

I seriously need a friend who's a perfume expert. I'm just useless at selecting one - after a point, they all start smelling the same and I can't figure out which I like and which I don't. Every single perfume I've owned till now has been a gift, and thank god for that!

Rookie said...

Nina... that's light pink, right?

You're writing banking letters?! Bleargh!

Look at you, quite the art critic these days.

The Iron Butterfly said...

I am glad to be a part of all the madness... :) .... n yes... a big thank you to me for your awsum perfume :P

The Iron Butterfly said...

Wow...i really love "The view from up here".....amazing concept...

Zwikie said...

Ohhhlovely! You're back! I'm so glad...

You know what I'm more glad about? That all the people you mention in this post are people I know :D And that makes the reading more enjoyable :)

I can;t believe I'm saying this, but. I miss you.

Okay, that's all the mush you get from me.


J said...

hmmmmm.... orange scented dreams of writing letters to mr. brightside... i see where this is going...

MM said...

@deer: You are the expert jumper! :P
sketches yes yes, shortly. oh no I am building expectation aren't I? everyone let not my laziness raise your expectations please. thankyou.

@Ramya: I'm your girl! I usually go for a bottle I like the look of first, and then see if I like the smell. But it's a confusing world out there. Coffee beans help.

MM said...

@Rookie: Light pink? Please click on the thoughtfully provided link to clear any doubts you may have. :)
Yes, I do. Thanks for rubbing it in. But things are getting better.

@Butterfly: Thanks :P I am glad you are part of the madness toooo. And Im missing you here! If only Sooch would stop giggling at this post and instead contribute her extensive perfume gyan here... (which by the way she gave me at her place the other night- you should see the number of bottles she has stashed away), I would be really happy. :P
I knowww, it's this Brazilian artist who's done it, and I think she's a stay-at-home mom. :)

MM said...

Zwikie and mush is a rare combination. I am touched. Blog na adeetee, longer posts.

@J: I wish I knew too!