Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Few Random Thoughts and Rants

A slightly more boring post, but read on, do...

It's odd how a movie or a book can change your perspective so dramatically for a few days following it. It can alter your mood, change the way you look at things, make you react to something in a completely different way than you otherwise would have, and consequently, affect your life in a very big way.
You need to pick very carefully what you're reading when. Movies, its not so bad- only the really powerful ones affect you. Thats why I just love a good chick flick. Involves you for an hour or two and leave you feeling the same as before, if not more cheerful. No worries about whether they will have an impact on you.
Its scary to think how important every single thing that happens is.
To think what a drastic impact something so small can have on your life, and on other people's lives. As they say,

"For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail."


Isnt it horrible? The Hyderabad bomb incident. Why why why. Why do there have to be these groups of people who are so senseless and desperate they think killing people en masse will help their cause be heard?
And the photos the newspapers had splashed accross the front page. Did you see them?
Horrible, horrible, the whole thing.

I could never understand why some people made such a fuss about contributing to the "Sponsor a Child" scheme that our class undertook.

Pay a hundred rupees this year, and as a class you can pay for the entire schooling of one poverty stricken child.

Change the course of that one child's life.
Give him a chance to make something of himself.

We all watch the news, we all hear about the suffering thats happening, and wish we could do something about it.
But we cant.
Its all just too much and too impossible, so we forget about t.

But when you have a chance like this, where a mere hundred rupees from your wallet could change the course of a downtrodden person's life, why would anyone complain?

And yet, some people did.
It angered me NO END.

We CANT do stuff alone. You cant help a person in need by yourself, in a big way. You cant sponsor an education. Nobody expects a student to be able to spend 7,200 to help a child in poverty.

But if as a class, you are given the opportunity to help an indivdual in need to get an education- something that will get him through,
if you can alter the outcome of one person's life,
if you can make a difference, help change the world for the better, however slightly,
by contributing 100 rupees,
why in the hell would you complain about it being a waste of money?

A waste? You're giving somebody something they could only dream of achieving on their own. An education that they wouldnt have a chance in hell of getting without any help.
An education is a huge gift.
I felt relieved that I was going to be able to provide something that meaningful to someone who needed it, just by contributing a hundred rupees. And some people were complaining. Evading it.

A hundred is too much they said. Did they think of what that hundred could do? An education! A hundred from us is giving that child a 7200 he couldnt possibly get otherwise, for an education that will get him through life.

Go without two burgers you might have otherwise had, so that somebody in really bad circumstances can get a shot at making something of himself.

Aaargh, I just had to vent that out.

4.9.07- I've just remembered. It was Snum. She was broke poor thing. And I shouted at her and we had a big fight and all. Hee hee. I got confused and thought it was TheQuickOne. Apparently, TheQuickOne was shouting at Snum too. Snum remembers everything.

The media has immense power. Immense. Newspapers especially. They feed opinions. They're shaping people. Its funny to think people like me and Jay actually had a say in that. We were forming opinions. Its too scary to even think about. Ugh, I dont want to have to do that everyday as a job. It would get too tiring that I wouldnt have enough energy to care what I write, and then who knows what harm would I be causing!

Im extra sensitive today. And by that I dont mean I cried or anything. I mean that things I normally wouldnt break my head over, I am. Things that normally wouldnt make me feel, are. I can tell just by re reading this post. About everything. But a really nice time I had. Thanks to Osh and Nicehair. The breezy restaurant... the awesome food... the relaxing conversation... the lazy shopping... the thrill of a new purchase... the wind in our hair... the pani puri... some good natured cribbing... And to top it all off, a nice long long talk with Bestest that did wonders even though half-finished :)

To hell with all those assignments.

You know who said these:

"Snakes are going to be not having eyes."
"But ma'am, they d..."
"Most of the reptiles are going to be not having eyes. Especially the snakes."

"Soma is going to be the one that is going to be a type of plant."

"The essence of life live in water is brought to our notice."

"Lactic acid cells will enrich the soil and will to be helping the soil, and naturally helping to the mother earth."

(Lactic acid cells? PS comment on this!)


She said them I swear! :D


PS said...

You haven't posted a rant in a while, have you? :) It was a slightly more serious post than usual, yes.

You talking about Shashirekha by any chance?? Methinks she meant Lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacilli. :) You know, the stuff that ferments milk. Whether they are in the soil, I know not.

La said...

Not boring! silly goose! (see? not getting old!... i think...)

wait, we spoke about that, and we spoke about that, but you didn't tell me about the donation. Misers! *angry smilie*

hey, it has to be full-finished still. full-finish it .

The essence of life live in water is brought to our notice.
what the hell is that supposed to mean?!

MM said...

@PS: She didnt mean anything . Often she will just glaze over and says random stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. How could that ever have made any sense. And I know what lactobacilli are, come ON there is no need to insult me.
It wasnt shashirekha as you now know.

The essence of life live in water is brought to our notice.
what the hell is that supposed to mean?!

My point exactly. Crazy I tell you.
We still havent full finished! And I have so much more to tell!
Shee I cant believe we didnt talk today. I'll call you first thing tomorrow. Wake you up rudely, I shall :D Be warned.

PS said...

Hehe, sorry! You should've been able to figure out that she was talking about lactobacilli though. :P

She can certainly give Shashirekha a run for her money, this one.

La said...

Wake me up rudely in the morning? Really? :D

You know what? I was fifteen minutes late to college today. Late. I was late. The teacher didn't come but I was late and it's still killing me.

MM said...

@ PS: Look, for the fifty seventh time, she was NOT talking about lactobacilli! She didnt know what she was talking about.
And this one is way way worse than bushy, trust me.

@ La: I forgot to! I was all groggy eyed and irritable though, so saved you a bit of bother. On the other hand, I was groggy eyed and irritable in the evening as well, so, well... sorry hehe :)
Oh come off it... Im always late. Its something we must all be, once in a while. :D

Lalitha said...

been there done that! sigh! but since ur still young and ranting check this out!

MM said...

Wow... that was really... interesting.
So inhumane though, that study was. I cant believe they pulled it off! 15 dollars a day?? For THAT kind of torture?

Interesting! Gimme more studies like that when you have time!