Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Sheep the new cow. They're funny. Funnier than cows OR chickens. (That is the plural isnt it? Having friends who eat poultry has shaken my vocabulary.)

"Baaaaaaaa!" Its hilarious I tell you.

Look at it, the daft little thing, staring. You'd expect it to blink dazedly at you any moment, and then look around at its surroundings confusedly. "What are all these words doing here?" it must be thinking.

Even Facebook has realised that throwing sheep appeals to the senses more than cows or donkeys do. (That flying sheep cartoon is so cute no?)

Reminds me, when I was in Year 1 (thats UKG here) I remember there was this one class where we were supposed to write what we wanted to become when we grew up, and draw a picture of it.

I had already decided what my future was to be. I liked drawing, and writing and history class. It would only be natural then, I thought to myself, for me to become a historian who wrote books, and illustrate them myself.
Ghastly idea, but it seemed logical at the time.
All set for the future then, I'd thought to myself. I'd drawn my boring little picture, coloured the book I had supposedly written a bright red for effect, and gone and stood in line to have my work corrected.

In front of me was Shehana, one of my closest friends, but a little younger than the rest of us. We compared pictures. She had drawn a picture not unlike the one of the daft staring sheep above.
"I want to be a lamb." she'd said.

Wow, I'd thought to myself. This kid sure has imagination. I wonder how Ms Cravitz will react to this. Thank God its not Ms Read today.

Shehana's turn came. She proudly handed in her book.
"Shehana, my dear" said Ms Cravitz. "This isnt what I'd asked you to do."

(Ms Read would have said rather harshly "You silly little girl. Go back and do it over again")

"I didnt ask you to draw what you'd like to be, I asked you to draw what you want to be when you grow up." Ms Cravitz explained.

"But I want to be a lamb!" she said.

"You cant be a lamb, my dear. Humans dont become animals, do they? Now tell me. What would you like to be when you're older?"

"Yeah!" I interjected. "What do you want to be when you grow up. When you're older."

Comprehension dawned on Shehana's face.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh." she said. "When Im older." With a triumphant grin, she said
"A Sheep."

Sheep, I tell you. Funny little creatures. Wish there was a cartoon strip about them.

They arent the best animals to count while trying to sleep though, as

Snum and Bestest

have said. Far too distracting. You'll probably end up laughing as the dippy things fall all over each other trying to get over the effing fence.

Shehana was later convinced to become a sweet shopkeeper, when told that she would get free candy on a daily basis.


prickles said...

clever kid, that one. i would have stuck to my guns and said i'll be a lamb only, nothing else, coz when i was that young, i hated teachers and thought they knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about children.
and... you had HISTORY in ukg???
btw, that "sheep in the big city" cartoon used to be cute, no?

MM said...

We didnt have fixed classes and a timetable or anything.... we'd have maths for a week, history for a week... nice system actually.
And one teacher taught everything, including history. We had two though, in that class.

History wasnt hardcore dates and all (which is why I probably liked it)... it was more of a broad overview... about children in the Victorian Period... and about World War II and Hitler and everything.

Sheep in the Big City! *smacks forehead.* That was its name. Yes, we were remembering it in college the other day, but couldnt figure out what it was called... left out the "big" part. Yes. Funny it was, I think. I only remember how it was squint eyed and it used to cross the road a lot...

Doesnt come anymore does it?

PS said...

:D What a goofy looking sheep! :D

Hilarious post as usual, I'm sure you're bored of hearing the same compliment. :P

I think I wanted to be a priest when I was in UKG. Beat that!

Lalitha said...

Well...I wanted to be a anarchist!You know burn the school down, stick it to the system, dress in black that sort of thing! Thinking back it might not have been such a bad idea!

La said...

:D Historian, MM?? Freak. :D

And Lalitha, (god it feels so weird calling you that... sorry) hehe! I can imagine you wanting to do that! :D

I either wanted to be a policewoman or a scientist. Scientist most probably.

BrahmaRakshasa said...

Hehe...nice post.Ye Sheep are definitely in vogue, but i feel political correctness will come in the way of mainstream popularity. If you think about it, why are only the black sheep ostracized? segregation i tell ya! As for the childhood ambition, I wanted to be a librarian because at that time it seemed like I would get paid to read books, talk bout aiming for the stars :D.
p.s.check out a short story by capote (autobiographical i believe) bout the boy who wanted to be a girl. He would be a pink sheep i believe