Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Temporary Post

. . . to push the older post down, in a feeble attempt to make it look as though this blog isnt dead.

Its not really dead, only in a coma, like that girl in Just Like Heaven.

Mark Ruffalo. Sigh.
Edward Norton. Sigh. Sigh.
Jay lent me the Hannibal Lector movies. Absorbing. Gross, but captivating. Hannibal was rubbish compared to the other two, I felt. Didnt like Julianne Moore at all.

The semester has ended. Time flew, it didnt feel like it lasted very long.

Ends of semesters always suck. Always, every time. Its one of the cardinal rules of life.

This time it sucked even more than usual since I didnt leave with my munches on that trip that sounded all the more exciting because I wasnt going. Oh well. I'd fun this week. What with Osh, gol guppas, rum chocolate, almost midnight Barrista talks with swiss hot chocolate.
And last night almost made up for not going. Eventful twas. Only Osh must learn that 1.50 am is inexcuseably early for bedtime when she's with the munches. Wasnt the moon pretty? It was not what I thought it would be, but then it wasnt really done right. Snum was a doll. Medicating me and all that.
Haha, y'all got ahead in life, while I was left studying, being invaleed and surviving a tornado, but look who ended up discovering uranium in the end! Hah! While the rest of you were stuck with too many kids for your car and adulterous husbands. Oh my munches. I love it when we get together and laugh ourselves silly.

I did have lots to say. All in good time.


Lalitha said...

today i shut myself in a small room with no window with a crazy person who attemted to drag me into the vortex of depression. o and once la kept giving birth to twins. all her kids were twins. o and i think i might go skydiving for my birthday if the clouds permit.
hows that for free association. ha

prickles said...

why endsems suck? they're the best time of the semester for me... mandatory eating out and walks on the beach... and even if nothing, the very feeling of not having a deadline or an exam the next day.

La said...

I'm sorry. What?!

MM said...

@Lalitha: :D wow. Tell more about crazy person.
And what about la again??? Twins?
Oooo go go go! Go sky diving! Thats a cool idea!

@Priya: For me the rest of the sem is what you described (minus the walks on the beach).
End sem means having to meet deadlines we didnt meet earlier in the semester, because college is closing and uh, if you want to pass get your arse moving.
Ends of sems are a whole lotta rushing around a whole lotta places to finish a whole lotta assignments you didnt do before.
Thats not why they suck though. They just do. That last bit of the semester always somehow isnt as nice as the rest of it was.

@La: I can only hope that wasnt directed at this post, young lady.

La said...

:P it wasn't. I was wondering what "o and once la kept giving birth to twins. all her kids were twins." was all about. The Game of Life, apparently. I kept having twins sometime. I can't believe she actually played with me. Willingly. I vaguely remember my car having no more space. It must have been then. :D

MM said...

This post has now become permanent.