Friday, October 12, 2007

The last half of September

A delightful bit of randomness scribbled over the the last two weeks of September.
:| Not.
I dont particularly like these randomness posts with all the lines in the middle. Easy to write of course, but too much like diary entries and horribly boring.
Still, we must keep this blog alive, and I'll do what I must to ensure its survival.

I noticed when Osh and I went to the slum area on a photography assignment how terribly difficult it can be living somewhere if you dont know the local language.
Very tough to get yourself out of sticky situations if you dont speak the same language everyone else does. And if you do: immediate cameraderie.

Beauty and the Geek. Or perhaps, as it should have been called, Dolts meet the Socially Dim-witted.
Surprisingly interesting. And educative. I didnt know it was possible for people to be that dumb.
A fan of trashy television, I am.

Start of angry unwarranted rant, previously shared with Y and Snum
Okay okay. So Hutch is now Vodafone. We get it. For crying out loud. You dont have to play the ad again and again and again. How much did you have to pay Star to have them play ONLY your ad, continuously, the whole day?

It was an effective ad. Played once, I noticed it. Smiled even, at the cute little pug bemused by the changes his doghouse had suddenly undergone. Hummed along with the tune. Noted the change, and carefully stored the piece of information in my head. Hutch now Vodafone. Done.

But then it came on again.
And again.
Once more.
And again after that.
It was like a nightmare I couldnt wake up from.

Once would have been enough every half hour. You didnt have to make flashy signs that played during the course of every programme on Star World, cruelly distracting the viewer from the programme she was so interested in.
And then play the ad with that ghastly tune over and over again between programmes.

Waste of money that. Not to mention bloody irritating. Was that your aim? To infuriate present and potential customers? To insult their intelligence? "Duh, like, guys, I dont think they'll understand unless we play it over and over again, like, 27 million times," is that what you thought? Gah!
End angry rant

That superlatives application is really cool ya.

They're out. Our lab journals and anthologies. We didnt do anything until the 13th hour, of course. Lounged about making vague statements about what we were going to do. Yawned and postponed and told people to chill man, there's so much time.
Got into petty but entertaining little fights over who was being bossy and who was just not getting off their asses goddammit! (Not our group, smirk, we just watched eagerly from afar)

So it ended up that a whole lotta of work in three short days was what brought the little things into this world. Sigh. What a feeling when they came out.
They arent perfect though. Not nearly.

If anyone had said that to me at the time I was lugging them back from the printers I'd have socked them squarely on the jaw. But now that ample time has passed and I have had the chance to mellow out slightly, and glance over the fruits of our labours with a less biased eye, I notice there are several terrific blunders. Ah well, I accept them, flaws and all.

Nobody knows how to use Quark Express. Nobody. Not even the gits over at Print Xpress. If you do, you could open a small shop and earn millions. Go on, I dare you.

She who said the stuff in the last random thought from here, really takes the biscuit.
She kills the English language. And I dont mean she hands it a glass of juice with sleeping pills in it. I mean she takes a sledge hammer and literally hacks at it till it's screaming with pain and agony, and is begging her to get the hell away and leave it alone.

Some of her worst crimes would be
- always using a kind of tense thats a cross between present continuous and I-dont-know-what-the-hell-else, that I as far as I know, doesnt exist. Eg: "He is going to be having a name, which is going to be Virahamihira."
- writing a whole goddamn text book in despicable English.
Among her latest and less henious crimes are, saying
"ReJUNIate" for "Rejuvinate" and
"Atanomy" for "Anatomy"

It made me want to laugh out loud in class. You should have seen me struggling. Would have been disasterous if I had. Fatal, even, considering how much she adores people from our creamy combo.


prickles said...

13th hour... that's happening with my final year project. I'm so so so dead, screwed, whatever other else word that seems appropriate and particularly heinous.
what is quark express?
and i agree, the vodafone ads are irritating. they havent heard of familiarity breeds contempt.

and i really would like to know more about this wonderful woman who kills the english language.

Lalitha said...

ok! my first thought is that you are betraying the cause by advertising on your blog that hutch is vedio something or the other. the ad worked obviously thats all the evil ad guys care abt.
o and learn to laugh with your eyes and through ur ears!!! we had a teacher who taught macbeth. he read the whole play out a mallu accent. not that i have anything against a mallu best friend's a mallu....but seriously i never knew macbeth was so funny.
like the new random style anyway. but the i understand what ur talking abt because i know you....kinda....its La's fault....

MM said...

Hahaha... Good luck with that project!

Quark Express is this software that you use to create complex page layouts- like for newspapers and stuff. Sad thing is, virtually nobody knows how to use it.

Ah, the Lady Who Kills the English language. Perhaps I shall write a book on her, someday. In ghastly English of course, as a tribute to her memory. But only after I finish classes with her. There's no saying what that woman will do to someone she dislikes. She threatened to "ruin the lives" of two unfortuate people in my class because she didnt like them. Very unreasonable. And she actually lives up to her words! Failed them unecessarily, makes life hell for them. She's a horror.
So I'm just going to lay low about the book now. Publish it only after the next semester's over.

Evil ad guys! They're dumb too, though. They could've achieved the same result, spending less money.

I know! The mallu accents were hilarious at first!! Kinda got used to them by now :)

Glad you like the ramdomness bits! And yay that you read my blog so often!!