Friday, October 19, 2007

I was right

I did brillantly.

I keep forgetting, but this sort of thing always happens to me during exams. Always.
I've talked about this before, here and it happened last end semester psych exam as well.

Thankfully I didnt do anything as daft this time. Man, was I glad when it was over though. Just sort of scribbled something for the last answer and hoped for the best.

Now that we've written so many exams in our lifetimes, they dont seem to matter as much as they did before. Sad really, we dont tend to work as hard as we did in our earlier days.

On another note, sometimes it depresses me how useless our course is. Not as much as it does Osh and Jay perhaps, but still sometimes.

And other times it doesnt. Like during the exam, when we were made to sit next to the PCM students. Ha-ha. Good it felt, to smirk at them as they desperately tried to remember formulas and derivations that I dont ever have to attempt to mug up again ever. Tra la la! *joyful jig around the computer table*


La said...

ugh! exams! Its the other way for me though. I never really cared for them before, and I'd work a lot harder than I do now. I care now and don't work at all. Life is fun...

prickles said...

ha, lucky you arts types... no formulae mugyard required. I just had this idiotic surprise test yesterday where the method was surprisingly crystal clear in my head, but the formulae for each step evaporated from my head.... end result, screwed.

Lalitha said...

well i dont write exams at all. unless u consider pathetic little multiple choice once. have to write "original papers" though. so im forced to think. u have no idea how much i long for the dull mugging :((

vaccinatedtarantula-II said...

Exams over?

Tra la la la la la la la la la.

Tra la la la la la la la la la.

Tra la la la la la la la la la!

*does his own joyful six-legged jig around the cyber cafe*

i am very happy for you.

PS said...

What would make you happier - Work really hard and do some stupid mistakes and lose marks, or just cram something in the last minute and do well enough? :)

To be efficient in converting the least amount of hours spent studying into the most marks possible, now that, is a noble aim!

PS. I'm a terrible influence on all around me. At least I admit it.

MM said...

@La: Sigh.

@prickles: Urgh. Dont you just hate it when that happens?
@Lalitha: I can imagine! :D

@Tarantula-ii: They arent over yet. But I appreciate the jig.

@Pavan: I agree though :) And I'd pick option number two. Any day.