Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exams and what they do to you

Somehow, somehow, the fact that my exams are less than 24 hours away and I havent opened my books yet isnt scaring the bleeding daylights out of me.
Its very strange.
I'm screwed. I know it. And yet it appears as though I dont care.
Thing is, I think I do, which is why I am trying so desperately to distract myself from the whole situation.

So anyway, very cleverly, I havent been studying. What I have been doing over the last couple days instead is:

1. Seeing the Black Eyed Peas live in concert. Yeah baby. It was awesome. Rained a bit while they were playing Lets Get it Started (which they played at the end... "Les miks it up abid" Will.i.am must've thought) but that just made things funner. He made up an impromptu rap about Bangalore, quite entertaining. He's funny too, really funny. We were pretty close to the stage, so we could see them up close, and Fergie thoroughly impressed me. I never really liked her much before, but she was terrific. She did like, six headstands across the stage as she was singing. And she's 32! What a bod, what a voice. Apl.de.ap had some awesome dance moves as well.
They did do some research on Bangalore and India. Every cheesy lead-in to a song was linked to something Indian. Dont Lie was apparently inspired by Lord Ganesha so he would help them in their relationships (What? I laughed out loud at that). Fergie in a bad Brit accent said that "Britishers' 'av stolen your consept of curry and made i' popular back there" before breaking into London Bridge. She also said that she thought naan bread was Ferigilicious. :|
Taboo kept going on about how Bangalore shuts down at 11.30, but we were going to party the whole ****ing night.
They ended the concert at 10.15pm. Bit disappointing.

2. Watching TV. Several straight hours of it. Having not watched so much TV prior to the current panic period, it came as quite a disappointment. Bored the pants off me. I've got absolutely no decent channels, it seems like. I'm definitely getting Tata Sky.

3. Going to MG for, as it turned out later, no particular reason. Nicehair, Osh and Snum (in the avataar of b-munch) were there, and they kept me nicely entertained. It was quite pleasant actually. Except, of course for it being a collosal waste of time.

4. Going through the usual excitements and disappointments that I have wisely come to expect as part of life.

5. Reading books. I'm reading five different ones now, if you'll include this month's Readers' Digest, and the one I finished this morning- a particularly entertaining PG Wodehouse called Damsel in Distress- do try it if you happen to come across it sometime.

6. Going to Osho's in a panic, to study. Of course, we didnt. Typical. We did eat a lot though. Snum caught a good episode of House. And we panicked together, later on in the day, which was fun.

7. Eating and sleeping. Scary amounts. Snum has told me to stop.

Genius plan if you ask me. I'm going to do brilliantly well in the exams now. Brilliantly well. Oooo I cant wait. :|


prickles said...

it's called escapism, apparently, and it's a defence mechanism to prevent the mind from breaking down.
Mine include writing long, long blogposts, listening to music i'd never listen to, debating about relevance of exams, wondering about what i'd rather be than a software engineer, eating and sleeping more than i'd normally do in a week.... AND reading the hunchback of notre dame (some book i simply have NOT managed to finish six years after i started it).

La said...

oo! the concert sounds like it was fun! I don't listen to the BEP too much though... sounds like it was fun anyway...

exams. i do not want to talk about them. they make me want to go bang my head on a wall... no jump off a building... or into a dry well... a dry well would be nice.

PS said...

I haven't even been to a single concert in Bangalore!
Scorpions. Deep Purple. Bryan Adams. Roger Waters, twice. Aerosmith. Iron Maiden. Now Black Eyed Peas.
And I haven't seen any of them perform!