Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're all Going On A...

We're going to Goa! We're going to Goa! We're going to Goa! *Runs around in circles screaming and waving hands like a mad person*


The three of us for five days.
It is going to be like, so awesome.
*screams excitedly*

In other news, the English-killing gormless lady's paper is over! Torturous it was, really. Especially because I wasnt well the last night, planned to get up at five and study, ended up waking at 8.45 and having to rush there without having studied a thing, and entered the exam hall 20 minutes late, with a headache. The paper was a mess. Urgh. Came back home and flung my unread notes aside. My mum picked them up in amusement. Couple of minutes later she was in hysterics. She has newfound pity for me when talk to her of my language class woes.
The English notes were incomprehensible. Made absolutely no sense.
But anyway, its over! I wish I could say it was my last, but at least I can say its my last but one. How I will celebrate at the end of fourth semester when I can give the whole darn thing up.

Also, I just thought I'd mention how unnerving it is when your parents talk about you as if you arent around. Mine do that a lot. In the car especially when we're driving to the occasional function or family get-together. This morning as we're driving to one, they're sitting there and talking.
I mean, just because I'm in the back seat, doesnt mean I've gone completely stone deaf.

"Youngsters these days. Mrs so and so at the lab was telling me how she cant afford to depend on any of the younger crowd for anything. They're married to their phones. The phone is always a priority for them. Always."
"And they're never on time. What's the difficulty in getting there at the time specified?"
"My friend was telling me how her daughter leaves her clothes all about the place. Its the same thing with MM. She just leaves her things where ever she wants to and I have to pick up after her."
"If they'd only look at their watches from time to time, thats all I'm asking."
"If you tell them, they get angry with you. Hypersensitive."

And I just sat there listening in amusement. Maybe they're trying to tell me something.

Nah, that couldnt be it.


La said...


oh goose! I wish I was coming with you! :( have lots and lots and lots of fun... and bring me something nice. :D

Parents do do that! sometimes mine at the dinner table. wait till my sister comments, you'll get some nice stories. I useless at this kind of stuff.

La said...

I love you template! i love it! i love it! i love it! can i steal it, please? *puppy-dog face*

Lalitha said...

ha ha! i'm not leaving stories here baby sister. i may be the first one to go where no offspring has gone before but no way im going there! :p

La said...

:P since when did you become so boring? I thought you'd leave behind a hilarious one like MM did....

Vaishnavi said...

Hey!! You must be back by now...and I'm leaving in a couple of hours....How was it How was it How was it?????? :)

La said...

goosey goosey.... erm... goose?
wither do you ... :P I give up...

:,( how I hate internals!

post thousand what not on your sitemeter, thats all me. All me.

La said...

ur here! :D :D :D

I can see you changing your template!

La said...

:D this reminds me of tomato juice... *smacks lips* 'tis nice.... :)

Lalitha said...

suffering succatash! write something already! bah!

MM said...

@lalitha: I totally second your sentiments. New post up! :)

@Vaish: SOoooooooo much fun! I have to tell you all the details! :D

@la: Template's changed again. Gimme feedback. :)