Friday, December 22, 2006


If you are going to get your ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) at the passport office, please take with you the following:

1. A pillow (or a movable bed if possible, so you can catch up on sleep while waiting in that abnormally long queue.)

2. 5 books you've been meaning to read for the past couple of years. You'll be able to finish them by the time you're out. That'll be an achievement, won't it?

3. A camera. So you can catch on film, the many embarassing things that various people will do throughout your stint on that god forsaken patch of city.

4. An umbrella. In case it rains while you're in the second half of the queue, which extends far outside the compound of the building, is unsheltered and is highly uncomfortable.

5. A fierce expression and demenour. This will help. You'll know how when you get there.

6. A bib. For when frustrated mothers thrust their two year old kids, (who, incidently, also require ECNRs for their travel) on you, whilst trying to feed them extremely messing looking food that they have brought in smelly little boxes.

7. A note pad. You'll want to write down all you see. Record the trauma and all that.

8. A cell phone. In case you are so utterly bored that you want to kill yourself, in which case you will need a friend (or a social worker) to talk you out of it.

9. A large large dose of patience. It won't be enough, but you'd still better take it along.

10. Your original 12th standard marks card. I had to go back for it.

Phew. Thank God that ordeal is over.


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