Friday, December 22, 2006

Research Paper

We've got to do a research paper, they say. Out of the blue. A research paper.
It'll count for 50 marks and should be 15 pages long.

Excuse me sir?

Yes madhuvanthi?

I have a question.

(Sigh) go on.

Well, I was just wondering...


Well, What should it be on?

Why, paper, of course.
Moving on, today, we are going to be learning...

Um, sir?

Yes madhuvanthi.

(pauses for a moment to wonder why the rest of the class isnt asking questions, and the realises they're just a tad smarter than she is)
What should be the topic of our research paper?


Anything? (Wha ha?)

Yes, anything.
Now, class, open your books to...

Sir? Can I have an example, sir?

(Grits teeth)
(long pause)
Shoe polish.
(longer pause)
(through gritted teeth)

And sir, what...
(quiets down on noticing the glare her teacher is sending her)
wh..wh..what page did you say sir?

And thats about all the instructions we got.

Well, no not really. In fact this entire post is fictional. Except for the part about the research paper. That we have to do.

What will mine be on?
We can only wait. Wait and see.

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