Friday, December 22, 2006

A Zz and me bit: Mythological Characters

Was every little girl obsessed with unicorns?

So its a Thursday.
Not a very nice day, to be sitting in front of the TV, especially after a very entertaining Wednesday... sigh! :-) Ed, more Ed and Grey's Anatomy.
But what can you do?

No worries, Zz is here.

The phone screen lights up.(Always pleased, it is, to see her)

This time, the message is:
What was your favourite mythological creature as a kid?

I ponder over this deeply (as I have nothing even remotely better to do), and am transported back.

When I was a kid, I had this book-cum-tape cassette series that my dad bought me at the Sunday market.
Sigh. What joy those books have brought.
You would have to play the tape, and follow what the narrators were saying in the book, and look at the pictures and enjoy. :-) For a 5 year old me, this was a LOT of fun, and I spent many a joyful hour over them.
There was one particular book... well they were more like magazines actually, with stories in them... Book number 14, if I remember right, all light blue and nice looking... and there was one particular story in it about a Minatour.
You know, those monsters, with the head of a bull and the body of a man.
The story was about one brave prince of Athens or something. He'd to save his people from some evil tyrant of some sort. The tyrant owned a minatour, and he required 7 men and 7 women to be fed to it each month. The people he used were the prince's and so the prince decided to stop it all. (not very eloquently described, I know, but bear with me).
The tyrant agreed to stop this cruel sacrifice if the prince could go into the minatours maze, and come out alive. Incidently, the prince is also in love with the tyrant's daughter, but this is inconsequential. Oh, wait, it isn't. She helps him by telling him how to get through the maze I think.
Anyway, the prince gets through the maze and reaches the minatour.
This was the part that really got to me.
The music, the suspense, the sound of the battle, the roar of the minatour, the one picture in that book...
all had a very lasting impression on my imagination, and etched itself very strongly in my memory.
So brilliantly done was that tape. Its an art in itself. The narration. The music. The sound effects. The illustrations. All brought together perfectly. A job well done.
I wonder why such things arent marketted a whole lot.
Actually, no I dont. Stupid

The phone lights up again.
Zz: What are you? Dead?

And thats when I remembered the pony. Aah, the pony. I'm laughing in fond rememberance now...
There was this cartoon series on TV called My Little Pony. (Yes, I know you're laughing too)
Each pony had a different symbol on its back, and thus had different super powers.
I had my HEART set on one of this pony figurines that they were selling. The white one. I didnt want any other colour. Not orange, not purple, not blue. I wanted the white one. Because the white one, was a UNICORN.
Yes. It had a lovely silver horn in the middle of its pretty white forehead. After I'd drooled and begged and pleaded, (which I didnt do very often), my parents sighed and gave in.
The pony was in my possession. Oh what fun I had with it. Combing its purple mane and tail and all that. (laughs again)

So my favourite mythological creature was definitely a unicorn. Most definitely.

I type that in to Zz, and so sooner as it been sent, I get a message from her.

Zz: I'm tired of waiting. I bet you're thinking. You are, arent you? Freak. Mine was a unicorn.


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